Last Update: October 09, 2019

Hey have you ever had a big dream it was so beautiful and outstanding a bit too beautiful and out standing you just couldn't picture your full dream that's the story of a beautiful struggle. I dream so big but handle so little like a candle made into a flower and the wax is melting the last peddle well basically what i am trying to say is sometimes you want big you want better and they just don't get handed to you you have to work for them you have to put time in you gotta struggle sometimes to get what you really want.That is my beautiful struggle to dream big and go the struggle for my need

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DarrenNicola Premium
Hello Juanna and thanks for sharing your first blog.
We welcome you to WA and wish you well here with your online business.
WA is the place to be and the training here will help you on the path to success.
All the best
Darren & Nicola :)
MaggieR1 Premium
Yup. A struggle can turn out to be a success...
yes indeed your so right just never give up even when your in a tough spot
klchang Premium
Welcome, Juanna, to Wealthy Affiliate.
You have come to the right platform to learn how to build an online business. You should have gone through some of the lessons. Why not continue with the rest? Yup ... all of us have to struggle for our need, too. All the best to you and your loved ones.
megawinner Premium
I can understand what you mean. it might be a struggle towards a great goal it must be beautiful. There are other reasons why struggles are beautiful, it is for as long as the end result is something better than what we are now.
Monawiz Premium
Hello,good morning.I woke up this morning and there is this strong feeling in my spirit that we will all be great here at wealthy affiliate and the greatest part is that we will all know each other.I love you all see you at the top