Holy google indexed, batman!

Last Update: March 15, 2020


Hello All My Wealthy Affiliate Family! Hope everyone is doing well, minus the toilet paper, that is!

Does anyone remember all the Holy...Batman phrases, Robin would come up with in the Batman series of the 1960's? I used to think it was so clever how he would come up with all those crazy sayings! As a kid in the 60s, I didn't realize the show writers wrote those lines.

Earlier today, when I opened my email and saw not one but two emails from Kyle, advising me that Google had indexed my content again, I was incredibly surprised and thought about Robin and how he used to convey his expressions with so much surprise.

It led me to make up my own Holy...Batman expression. "Holy Google Indexed, Batman"! Do you like it? I have to admit, I was skeptical about using it, but PW Chance said what the heck--try it out and see how it goes! We were working very hard this afternoon thinking about what to write for all of you here at Wealthy Affiliate--Well one of us was working and as you can see, the other was napping!

The two posts that Google Indexed today were from my Wealthy Affiliate website, livingonleanmeans.net. Google has been my friend lately. I can only hope it stays that way!

I was quite surprised because for the past several days, I've been making a concerted effort to work on my rescue dog website. I have wanted to fix some pages and really wasn't crazy about the theme either, so I went and tried to change the theme. That was the worst thing I could ever have done. Needless to say, I spent the entire week fixing it and wound up going back to the original theme because it seemed to be the only one that wasn't giving me trouble in converting.

Once that was done (well, it isn't quite yet), I returned to concentrating on my Affiliate Bootcamp lessons and completed an absolutely new post for my Wealthy Affiliate website. I now have completed 10 tasks on Phase 3. "Holy Crap Batman, I've been working too hard!

I should have napped along with PW Chance this afternoon. I wanted to but knew I needed to get some WA work done first.

Well, there it is WA folks! My week in review! It has ended on a productive note and it isn't even 10 pm here. PW Chance and I say G'day to all and have a Simply Marvelous week!

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Tmgreen Premium
Great work Barb! Google love is always great to see.

I do remember those lines from the old Batman shows. In fact, Burt Ward (Robin) is still active in television. He even wrote a book called "Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights". I haven't read it, but I'm sure it's interesting.

Have a good week and stay well.

JrzyGrlBJ Premium
Thank you so very much for your comments. I truly appreciate it.
marcho88 Premium
Well done and congrats. :)
JrzyGrlBJ Premium
Thank you.
SAWalden Premium
Wham!!! Pow!!!
Holy SEO Barb! Congratulations!

Memories...I couldn't wait to get off the bus after school and watch Batman! The highlight of my day!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane and have a wonderful weekend!
JrzyGrlBJ Premium
Thank you Susan!

I was the same way. My brother and I would play batman and robin in our backyard as kids. My grandmother made us capes from old pillow cases.
Mick18 Premium
I like your Batman expression and congrats to you.
Have a wonderful week,
JrzyGrlBJ Premium
Thank you Mickey!
Same to you.

Dorrie1 Premium
Congratulations 🎈
JrzyGrlBJ Premium
Thank you very much, Dorrie.
Dorrie1 Premium
Your welcome again way to go