My site is moving up on Google!

Last Update: June 18, 2016

Wow! I just finished one of Kyle's lessons in Bootcamp and just for the heck of it I went to Jaaxy and checked my site ranking. I started in WA just over three weeks ago and started building my website within a couple of days. Right now it has seven pages and 4 posts with another post going up tomorrow. I figured when I checked the site ranking that I would be maybe 2025 on the list or maybe not find it at all.

Well, I did the site ranking on my main keyword which is my URL and guess of today, June 18th I was in Position 87 on Page 9 !!!!!!! Wow again, I wish I knew this stuff along time ago. Thank You Kyle. I will give it a week and check again. Hopefully I will be on an upward curve.

Have a great day and all you Fathers out there, have a great Father's Day!


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That's cool!
JudeP Premium
Well done Joe and Happy Father's day to you too :)
MPollock Premium
Keep it up. Fantastic
Ecowarrior Premium
Congratulations Joe! Keep up the good work and I wish you growing success here at WA. regards, Lisa