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Last Update: June 13, 2016

So, based on my time, I sort of set my bar high in regards to the amount of content I wanted to post. Three updates a week. Seems reasonable. Unfortunately, the reality is more like one update a week. It's not for lack of enthusiasm. My niche, Classic Car Restoration (from a Newb's perspective) is near and dear to my heart. Timing, on the other hand, IS my current challenge. Working full time, helping my girlfriend manage our family. Life.

Result: One content update a week.

But, I remind myself every morning that this, my niche, the site, IS important. And, like my family, my job, I MUST make the time.

It's Monday morning. And, in between taking calls at work, I'm tap-tap-tapping, writing this blog post and prepping my content update for this week. I'm hoping for another one at the end of the week. We'll see.

Wheeling and dealing, got some specific content rolling around in my head and waiting for responses from people I've reached out to.

Time to keep going.

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caisaki Premium
It's hard to juggle time sometimes, but we really do have to keep going as you say! :)