Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached

Last Update: January 26, 2016

Hi Everyone,

This is my new year resolution for 2016 with WA "Stop Not Till The Goal is Reached"

I mean we have all started with a goal regardless of what it is. But then we stop half way due to some distraction etc. And then we realise we have never achieved what we set out to do in the first place. So 2016 I have decided that I want to be the best with my online business with WA on my side. And I won't "Stop Till The Goal is Reached".



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Ericabried Premium
That attitude will get you the results!
kennick2015 Premium
I'm sure you'll make it Jay. You have got the right attitude.
Sheila50 Premium
Hey Jay,
Now that you have your goals in line, you will do great! Keep focused and your 2016 will rock!
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Jay you have put it out there, the job just got a whole lot easier. Best wishes for 2016. It's going to happen for you.
KatieMac Premium
Yes once we have made the commitment we need to keep going till we have reached the goals we have set