Last Update: August 06, 2015

I guess this is where many (myself included in the past) fail. I can qutie understand why.

It is a daunting task. Its all very well creating the post titles and categories. This is done and now I have a blog which is full of posts but ahhh very little content. This is where the focus and discipline have to kick in.

I am not attempting to write all content overnight. No I have set a limit to at least two a day. This at the very maximum ensures that I would have a blog ready to launch to the public eye after just 15 days.

15 days is not a long time compared to years. In fact if I step outside and look down as if I was a complete alien 15 days is hardly even a blip in time. So for those who are thinking "Oh my lord I will never do that" I suggest you stop, think and do just two posts a day. After all 15 days is not that long...

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Calypso47 Premium
Good on you! Fifteen days is, as they say, awesome.