A Tell Tale Sign

Last Update: August 01, 2015

Hi all this is of course my first blog post here. I like you no doubt ended up here at WA due to some searching on the web to help ourselves in starting to earn money online. Upon arriving here I upgarded to premium (Which I do advise anyone else to do so!) and started to create my blog.

Then I noticed one small but important element that was making my blog look like 99% of the other blogs that are being built not only here but by any other platform that is using SiteRubix!

What is this element you might ask?

This element is none other than the favicon you can place in the browser tab. If you are not sure what the favicon is here is a brief explanation:-

  • A favicon is a small image normally 16x16px and can be found placed in the left hand corner of your browser tabs. Here in WA if you look at the top of the tab you will see their favicon here is the letters WA.

So I decided to be different. No change there to be honest been slightly different since childhood!

If you would like to be different as well and add your favicon to your site so you stand out from the crowd what you need to do is add a plugin from WordPress and I recommend Very Simple Favicon Manager. There are many to choose from but that is the one I use. Once installed choose an image. I use one of myself. When chosed you then have to convert it to the favicon format and of course have it shrunk. The website I use for that is favicon.co.uk (No affiliation BTW). The website does the job in no time. You download it, upload it, go to settings and voila!

Now you too are different like me.

Hope this helps. JP

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TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Being different is what separates most of us here from those who aren't. Thank You for sharing JP
JPSaggs Premium
Welcome Tony and thanks for the words...