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Last Update: April 26, 2016

Hey Friends

I've come to realize that many new members don't realize the depth here at WA. Neither do they understand the question and answer platforms.

Ergo that WA is for beginners, a concept generated by a misunderstanding, or a little explained, come secret about WA.

Post Modern Online realty

Maybe it's just because WA is simply built that way, we do tend to overlook the fact that success is built on networking, we tend to think that everyone knows that. Especially those of us who are successful, its just a given.

Now don't get me wrong, SEO is important, however Networking is Evergreen. Creating lasting relationships with your Audience/clients, creating rapport is what the Success Odyssey is about,

That List, yup THAT LIST!!!

Did I scream that loud enough?

The most important thing online is building a Tribe, speaking of which, I read the most funny thing about it a few days ago.

I was too tired to respond, so i let it pass.


What is a Tribe


The people that follow you is your tribe...

Well I kind of had a shi'it at this answer, i was too tired and I passed. That said I do want to answer this question here and now @ WA

You can have 10,000 followers, and still you don't have a Tribe

Well most of us know that a Tribe is made up of 1000 followers right?

Hmmm seems pretty straight forward.


Building a Tribe

It takes time and dedication to build a Tribe, knowing each one by first name, remembering details, challenges they've had, being able to respond like"hey Gus, how's your Son doing?", or :"hey Marg, how are you now since your Husband passed away? "

A Tribe is those one thousand people, that you've taken the time to build a relationship with., there's no free meal ticket.

Beyond SEO

SEO is a great start, an important one. However if you want to be "A Cut Above", you have to network, be genuine, and put yourself "out there"

Kyle and Carson do it every day, that's why we Love these guys so much. They build Rapport

Think About It

Later Gators



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GeoffGS Premium
Hey Jozeph aka Joseph. How's your son? How's your book coming. Go tribe. :)
GeoffGS Premium
This one is rhetorical.
Jozeph Premium
Sheesh, my Daughter Jazz ( Jasmine ) and Josh, are like blown away at how I've learned the internet since my accident.
They are both grown, and so excited about meeting up in Ecuador this year.
Like you, I'm starting to make a few bucks here.
Wow, unbelievable
GeoffGS Premium
That's awesome. Didn't know you also had a daughter. You are arleady a rich man my friend. But, I know you know that.
rolfkb Premium
Hi Joseph, thanks for this reminder, it is required for us that is still are in our early days of using this wonderful medium!

As I understand you, use WA to get going and establish rapport with people, be active and bring what you learn to your activity online. Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Please elaborate a bit for us less successful so we can grasp the essence of the tribe building process.

Maybe we should take note of what Apple is doing with their supporters, they have a culture of raving mad followers that camp outside their outlets to get their latest contraption, this must be an awesome tribe??

I'm just trying to get the basic concept of making a tribe...

bill808 Premium Plus
You can build a tribe of 150 people by getting to know them individually. When your followers get larger than that you have to switch gears. People get to know us when we help them. That is what WA is about.
Two of the best ways to help people know and trust you is to hold regular webinars and to stay in regular contact with your list. Send them helpful, problem solving information at least once a week. Video is important because it lets people see you body language and get to know you as a person.
rolfkb Premium
Bill, thanks for this clarification. I will bring this with me in my future work.

joyweb Premium
Well I'm not at 1000 but I do have 580 followers. I don't feel too bad about that. I have only been here since the middle of January.
albinchero Premium
It feels good to hear from you again Jozeph, we all belong to a tribe, I call it that way because we have learned to stay together as one big family.
JudeP Premium
You are so right Joseph, the devil is in the detail as we say in the UK. Remembering those little things which make someone feel cared for and noticed are the important details :)