The Affiliate Mother's steps

Last Update: March 05, 2020

I find myself finally taking those bold steps into the unknown (Frozen fans, please echo aaa aaa). A path which I have hesitated to take, due to my misguided understanding that the online world is owned by millennials. For working mothers of young children, we often find ourselves stuck in a world of playing catch up. We’re left in a time capsule (our fashion-sense, makeup, physical shape) as we attend to the needs of our family, and our work. The ever so rare breathers we get, we try to get our hair, nails and some shopping done and look as human as we can.

This is true of my life these past 10 years. and I’ve found myself struggling to keep up with technology, the internet and the acronyms that buzz around the office like SEM, SEO, KPIs, GA. So, during one of those rare breathers, I looked at my professional life, thought about my daughter, and the kind of role model I was to her. I wanted her to not only see a loving and protective mother, I wanted her to see a mother that would teach her how to navigate through change. And what better way than to take on something new myself and show her by example.

So here I am, taking my first steps into this Affiliate World…

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OneMug Premium
Welcome! Buckle up for the ride and have fun. Each new lesson is an eye opener.
Fiona13 Premium
Welcome to WA family all the best in your journey.
josuraya Premium
Thank you!
Fiona13 Premium
You are welcome!