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November 30, 2020
Honestly, I had no idea before joining WA what being indexed meant, and i did read a few blog posts about it over the last few months. I dutifully read them and tried to 'get' what the excitement was all about but Wow! I had no idea that I would be this thrilled . It's pretty amazing to see the milestones we make throughout the WA journey. It's so exciting to see the progress, and to see how much knowledge we get through this course! To all the newbies here, keep at it, and don't give up. The
October 28, 2020
The starting lineJust checking in to say hiiii! I've been with WA for 6 months now and am at the end of Level 2. OK, you're probably wondering why has she taken that long to get to the end of Level 2? Honestly, I had no idea what I got myself into when I signed up. I just knew, I needed a change. Little did I know that we would quickly head into full quarantine (March) in Spain, and that I would need to take over the education of my little girl as well as work at my regular job. Funny how thin
I find myself finally taking those bold steps into the unknown (Frozen fans, please echo aaa aaa). A path which I have hesitated to take, due to my misguided understanding that the online world is owned by millennials. For working mothers of young children, we often find ourselves stuck in a world of playing catch up. We’re left in a time capsule (our fashion-sense, makeup, physical shape) as we attend to the needs of our family, and our work. The ever so rare breathers we get, we try to