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My name is Josh. I have a wonderful wife and a beautiful baby girl. I enjoy spending time with family, traveling, trying new things, and drawing and painting.
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70 hrs/week
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Jun 5, 2018
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How much money would you be happy earning?

How much would you be ecstatic earning?

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
70 hrs/week
Word...I like your goals, I'm adopting them! Go get um!
Jote Premium
Wow. this is real determination
Thank You, I know it'll take awhile to get there but, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve," (Napoleon Hill) and I'm certain I can achieve these goals with persistence.
Kyle Premium
Excellent Joshua, I know you will achieve your goals. As you start seeing more progress and results, you will be able to spend more time on your business.

When I started out online, I had limited time because I was in school full time and I was able to achieve "full time" status within the online business world in a year. I totally understand that we all have "time" issues in life, but I absolutely know you can do the same and accomplish the same sort of success!

Take action on the training here, immerse yourself within the community, and ask for help when you need it. This is your sure path to your own personal goals and successes Joshua! :)
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Brando1 Premium
Hey Joshua,

Congratulations on filling out your account and following through and taking action...

I just want to make sure you give W.A. a real chance and don't procrastinate like I did for a few years before I came back and finally tried it out.

It was all due to a misunderstanding about what this program/educational system can really do and how much easier their hosting makes running and ranking a blog.

Well now that you are ahead of 80% of the crowd out there just starting a website with a proven plan using WA starter training. Reply to this comment here if you get stuck and we can brainstorm or I can answer any questions you still may have.

Remember that 100% of the people that did not quit, that are using this program are succeeding.

It all starts with asking a question, getting a valid answers here using this community, the training, the owners, and myself. Then making a plan and then taking action, then just repeating.

If you use this program and just follow the tasks you will be successful, it's just up to you on how big of success you want to be.

Remember your dreams are just goals with a deadline.

Wealthy Affiliate is here to help you reach those goals of not only working for yourself but becoming financially free.

Then once you have this foundation/solid income stream you can move on to higher risk/reward things online.

Here's To your Success,
Hi Brandon, thanks for the message.

Let's say I want to help new parents make more money and I want to complete the affiliate bootcamp, how do I persuade someone else to come and sign up as a premium member if I'm not successful yet? I have no experience so what kind of content would I share to lead them back to WA?

Brando1 Premium
You can mention that your on a journey you just started and will share your results on what you feel is confusing what works and what doesn't type of thing... You can show others what your doing to start working from home and you can show what programs you have used like WA.

When you understand WA better you can focus more on getting more signups as you can just make a site about getting out of debt or family budgeting and then later on start making articles explaining that the best way to make real money online is through a blog, in your opinion and why you feel this way.

Then you can give a walk-through of your experience. It can be focusing on your journey at first from just starting and things you encounter along the way... These work great as unless your a marketing Guru you want to come at it as a beginners journey and watch and see what happens, then everything you do or write is to help paint the picture of a thing you want to focus on then add a link after you have explained why you did XYZ. and how it helped learning and trying to work from home possible.

If you're looking to make money from home as a new parent your main focus would be to find ways to do this, find other sites and you will see they talk about surveys, apps and selling on shopify or how to budget, budget hacks that worked for your family, how to get good deals to save money Etc.

Then you put at the end of the article a little explanation of what blogging has done for you and link to WA to get free training and 2 websites to test theory. All your doing is talking to people who don't even know making a website was possible and showing them how you can budget your money and start a blog for free or how you can earn better money than surveys though other methods like etsy, shopify, ebay,amazon etc and how you can try WA for free and test it out.. Explaining what you have used and give your opinion, then if you have any other thoughts come in later and edit the article to update it.

you can talk about getting out of debt and then just show others how you started a Program that helps you learn how to set up a website and earn money with affiliate marketing.

There is a lot more to it but this is what you need to focus on is getting some articles that relate to working from home or family finances and ideas on how to get out of job or things that you thought before getting into this opportunity.

Really it's using your unique story of what your doing to accomplish the goal of ending the 9-5 and/or you goal to start a budget or to save enough money to pay down debt fast.

Then you can transition those types of articles and link them to articles like "how to start a blog" or "how you earn money with surveys" but "how blogging has more potential and is much safer than betting on little money that comes in from surveys and the one thing that helped you the most"... Then you just need to start researching the low hanging fruit keywords that can relate to what your talking about. Then you just want affiliate links where relevant and just focus on selling a few things not tons of links and ads as that gives people too much to think about and they just leave confused without clicking on your link and buying.
Kyle Premium
I hope things are going well. I know you are getting rolling within the training and there is ONE thing that always tends to confuse people and that is "what is my niche?".

I know, same thing happened to me when I started.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am here if you ever want to run any niche "ideas" by me or you have any questions about finding your niche.

Get back to me when you get the chance! :)
Hi Kyle,

I want to help people that have families and whom live paycheck to paycheck earn more money.

I decided to attend the affiliate boot camp, but I'm not really sure how I can persuade others to give affiliate marketing a shot since I'm brand new to this thing myself. How can I sell a way to make money if I, myself, haven't had any experience?
Kyle Premium
If you want to promote WA and work within the "make money niche", go through the Affiliate Bootcamp training. If you want to build a business within another niche, head through the Get Started Here training.

Focus on just one though. You are going to be much more successful if you focus on one business/website versus trying to do too many things at once. You can always diversify down the road.

Hope this helps you out here Joshua!
MMacLeod Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!
nromato Premium
Good luck and welcome to WA! Enjoy the journey!!
Brando1 Premium
Hey Joshua, Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

It's Brandon from http://makemoneyonlinescamsexposed.com and I just wanted to Welcome you and congratulate you for making it here.

Im not just some AI robot as you can reply to this and ask questions.

If you have any comments, concerns or are just interested in brainstorming on the direction you're wanting to go. Please let me know where I can help.

I can help guide you in the right direction to help get you started on the right foot and skip a few years of misguided efforts.

I'm here to fill in the gaps and help find that missing puzzle piece. It's good to have you here...

If you have a sec this can help you get faster results and more targeted focused responses.

It can help me to hear where you found this...

#1 What were you looking for with this platform or when you clicked...

Examples: ( i.e Hosting, Full affiliate marketing training, community, continuing education video lessons, finally learn the basics with proven guided plan.. etc.)

#2 Do you remember what blog article or Video brought you here?

Examples: ( i.e Does Wealthy Work video, scam article etc.)

#3 Where are you currently at in your journey?

Examples: (i.e Beginner, intermediate, done other things online but never build your own website/blogs, want to take your offline skill online, trying to learn affiliate marketing etc. )

If you can answer these questions in the reply this can help me to understand how I can help you better. Then I can help send you in right direction. This also helps so I wont complicate the situations by adding anything you don't need to further confuse and take you off course.

This is a huge factor in the difference between success and failure in the beginning.

Just remember you can get free training and help from myself or Kyle and Carson by just replying to these comments.

Just holler if you need anything.

Now To answer the question everybody will inevitably ask


The Answer...

It's much deeper than just the training course and community...

it's a platform that will allow you to
grow a business online.

It completely takes care of very annoying tasks behind the scenes, that sadly many (like myself) have to leave and spend years trying to figure everything out, then only to realize that Wealthy Affiliate gave much more value for a way better price.

So what does Wealthy Affiliate give you for the price?

An outstanding all in one online business builder:

- Premium High End Fast Hosting (Normal Cost By Itself $70 - $240 a month for similar services with less options)
- Live Video Training Classes Every Friday
- Two Full Regular Updated Certification Courses/Training By Kyle The Owner
- Private Business Community To Ask Questions To Other Like minded Entrepreneurs
- Plus access to the two creators/owners/operators Kyle and Carson.
- Private Messages to everyone
- Peer To Peer Commenting Platform To Give Articles a boost to rank
- Easy Instant Site Builder Set-up
- Special Keyword Tool To Identify Low Hanging Fruit
- Ability To Create 25 Blog/Websites (Note: most members make their full time living off of one)
- Much More That Comes With Hearing The Community And Seeing What Others Are Doing.

Many will fail due to the lack of understanding not staying on the right path.

Not knowing how close they are...
How much more they need to push!

Wealthy Affiliate does all of this and more...

The deeper you look and longer you're here, the more value you start to see in Wealthy Affiliate... and there All In One Community, hosting, training platform.

If you're just starting out with making money with affiliate blogging or have not made your first consistent money online... you really want to strongly consider using Wealthy Affiliate to finally bridge all the gaps. This also keeps you moving forward and staying consistent.

This will finally give you the strong foundation and understanding you need to actually make working online a reality.

Then you can take it even further and use the many ways to build upon and expand on this foundation as far as you can imagine.

Also I will be here the whole time along the way and can give you much needed personal insight when you need help.

Not only that but a whole community of others to ask, along with the Owners Kyle and Carson and Jay.

If you're not ranking it could very well be your slow hosting from your shared hosting.

If you don't understand hosting lets just say you have to have it and you need a good one.

If you understand how shared hosting can be and have been wanting a way better host with 10X times better support that you can start a real business from that you can trust this is for you.

***** Joshua I strongly suggest you take a look at this article: This is the reason that got me after not understanding the value the first time I saw this program years ago. After struggling with slow loading times from problems I was unaware of and could not fix. To blogs that just didn't rank nearly as good with finally realizing that the slow shared hosting was effecting my rankings.

You really can't get very fast or even good support from cheap hosts. The free blogs with hosting here at WA are better than the paid shared hosting. The premium is expensive dedicated/cloud hosting that is 10X times better compared to shared hosting.

If you want to blog for fun
go get a cheap shared host,
if you ever want to make money
you need the best and the best is expensive.


Wealthy Affiliate makes all this affordable.

You have already signed up with your free account, so you can now test out the platform and build two free websites NOW...

You also have access to take the first 10 lessons of one of the training certification courses to get a feel for this whole system.

A Real Try Before You Buy Program.

As a new member here, you should first take advantage of the Online Entrepreneur Certification getting started course (Level 1) This is a entry level beginner course but will still help many that might be more advanced.

This will be the same one Carson or Kyle will suggest.

This is a task based course that will get you taking action daily after you learn. this will lead you step by step to building web assets that make you full time income.

There is unlimited angles and sub niches,
so you don't have to worry about selling the same widget
as many others, in a saturated market anymore.***

This is also time to break free from scams and start learning the real way to actually earn a living online.

Below is a link that you will see within your main menu labeled...

"Get Started Here" located at the top left hand corner.


*** Click Here To Start The Free Trraining Remember, Wealth Affiliate is so much more than just a certification course.

it's an all-in-one online business builder, networking environment, research tool, commenting platform, premium cloud hosting with top security, ability to be helped from like minded entrepreneur members, that have been where you are now.

Also you get a very special feature, which is access to the two owners of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson and they understand what you need to do and if you give this course time you will succeed.

This is the time to build a real business for yourself and not get scammed. No more being taken in the wrong direction or working under someone else anymore.

Your Friendly Guide,