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Last Update: October 06, 2015

Hello Everyone,

It's been over a month since I've been part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community here and I wanted to share something that I think most people (especially new members who've been part of WA for less than 6 months) might find really beneficial.

It's Easy To Get Lost

As a free member, I was amazed at the simplicity of the training material, however there were times when I'd come across certain terms that I wouldn't understand and I would either search for it on community here or check google and then would bounce from one web article to another. It's easy for you to spend a lot of time seeking information but it's important that you stick to completing one lesson each day (along with the associated task). If you come across something you need more information about, make a note of it and use your free time later (not when you are actually going through training or completing tasks).

Be Active On the Community

What makes WA unique is the lively and helpful community out here. The biggest mistake that I regret making is not being as active as I would have liked to be ( I am not going to give out excuses either). What makes WA a vibrant community is each and everyone of us here. Imagine if everyone acted like a introvert and silent member like me. If nothing, follow other people and read their experience and add in a comment or just say Hi.

Keep Track of Your Progress

There are going to be days [especially the day when you are going to have to renew your membership ;p ] when you are going to think if you really need continue with membership here. Going over the progress you've made is going to help you decide if you want to stick with with WA. [Progress does not necessarily mean how much you've earned, rather how much you've gained]

Perfection is an illusion

Don't spend too much of your time trying to do things perfectly. You can always go back and make changes or improve but if you sit and work to make it perfect , trying to get it right the first time you are not going to make any real progress [ I really spent a lot of time contemplating what my first blog post should be until i decided to just sit down and write one]

Be Patient

The one thing that attracted me to WA more than anything else is that there are no false promises or get rich quickly schemes. It's important to think of your website not as a means to make money but as a seed that you you've sown. Just like you are going to have to take the time out to water and tend to it before it yields any fruits you are going to have to put in the effort on your website. Once you've been able to generate steady traffic it's only matter of time when you are able to convert it (provided you put in the effort). The task covered in training should be your basic bench mark performance i.e that is the minimum effort you've put in.

That's all that I have for now. If you find it helpful please let me know. If you know of someone who is new to the WA community pass this along if you think it can be of use for them.



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lycefair Premium
Good post. I've been through most of those and will probably find a few more. Especially the "easy to get lost" seems to strike a deep chord with me
joshdsouza Premium
Yeah I think i spent more time on searching information and storing them then actually making use of it :)
lycefair Premium
Yes I do that too. I copy interesting info for later and when I get stuck open it up to see. It seems I also get a little sidetracked on the blogs sometimes. I get interested in them and .... time seems to fly
joshdsouza Premium
Thanks Christian, I hope you find it helpful :)
christianWA Premium
Great post, Josh. Most of these are things I've thought of as well, but you put pen to paper very well here.