Music to write by?

Last Update: September 02, 2014

I am living at home with my parents, sister, wife and young child. The TV is on most of the time for one person or another, space is limited and the best way to separate my self is to keep updated with spotify. ( a fantastic music app which I recommend anyone to go and find, I have no affiliations with them at all I hasten to add )

So headphones on and away I go to write my next long awaited article. I have worked with music and in silence before and I still don't know which I prefer. It seems to come down to mood and what I end up listening to. Actually I very clearly prefer listening to music, the real question is am I more productive in silence or listening to music?

How about you?

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tomtitty006 Premium
Good to hear from you again Josh.I cannot operate very well without silence.
keldubry Premium
Silence for me. I like to hear myself think. lol
cookma54 Premium
I prefer silence .. I listen to all the thought running around in my head! Sometimes it's confusing enough to sort them out ... without the added distraction of music. I do love music when I am not working! M
ChristinaR01 Premium
We have music on all the time at our house. I use Pandora. We have a receiver with wi-fi so it's on inside and on our outdoor speakers. I find when I'm really concentrating I don't hear it at all. Of course, at that point I don't hear anyone either.
mariamcm Premium
I'm definitely more productive when I listen to music. I like instrumental and often listen to my own brainwave entrainment recordings, or if not, someone like Christian Calcatelli... extremely relaxing and uplifting at the same time. I'll often create an extended loop of a favourite piece and listen to it for half an hour or more! Works great for me.