Do not get drown on a sea of Information

Last Update: August 05, 2019

I have been reading a lot on these past days, inside and around this Wealthy Affiliate site, by the way let me tell you, I love the site. It has been very amicable, easy to digest and go through.

But since most of the Affiliate Marketing terms are new to me I started doing a list of definitions, acronyms as a glossary of terms. It has been helpful and the ocean of information is more manageable.

It has been happening that reading the training lessons I go and consult google to understand a term or a statement and in a minute unconsciously my investigation deviates to the ocean of information that there are about Affiliate Marketing, suddenly I am lost in that ocean!

I have read other members of the WA community that talk on a similar subject about the big amount of information and their post state that we should take a pace of studying and do not get desperate or get frustrated; on the contrary, we need to keep a steady pace of study work to avoid getting "drowned". Stay focus and keep written notes those are the "lifesavers".

About the niche, I recommend that we take the experience from the Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadors and experienced community members which are many and very responsive and knowledgeable. The niche should have a name which is going to be used for the Domain and Website names (4th Training Lesson). Do not rush your search for the proper niche, make a list of thing you like as Frank suggested me. From that list of things, areas of expertise I know, plus Things I like and or do not like, I should choose the first niche. Then start writing the Niche name from a broad field to a more specific field or thing; narrow it to a comprehensive description of the field you will be recommending, suggesting, convincing and directing to a sale the future customers. You can notice the domain name is very important.

So check goggle for the keywords that are in your niche's name, to assure those keywords are with power. Do no worry if later you need to change that niche name, go for it !.

Well, nice talking to you, see you around at the top of the mountain.


Jose Luis.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, all the best
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Hello on Saturday, Vickic3 thank you are my first "like" thanks a lot, see you around, Jose Luis.
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Sunday here Jose and I wish you all the very best as you continue with your business growth online
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Great learning you have shared Jose Luis and all the best as you learn more and build a great site
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