Last Update: September 30, 2015

Hey Wealthy Affiliate! I'm here today to give you guys a boost. A boost that will keep you guys going and going. I found in myself that I can motivate people in doing things they can't. What amazes me that 99.9% out of the time people are unmotivated because they failed at it or better yet no help :(

Why stop?

What makes you want to stop trying? You know the only way people fail is if you quit. Quitting is never the option. You're a sour loser for quitting! Especially, coming up with brilliant irrelevant ideas to come up with an excuse.


For some reason people always have something to say. They take the thinking spam of making a stupid excuse instead using their thinking to become successful. Your brain power is very important because is where all your ideas come from.

Especially, we only have 1 brain! The more you don't do anything, the more your brain will not function.

If you keep feeding garbage to your brain. You will produce garbage. Simple as that. We need to occupy our time with reading and writing......not social media. Social media tends to distract everyone, including me! This is why you need to focus and do not forget about your goals.

Setting up goals for yourself is key in becoming anything. If you do not write your goals every day, you will not be successful. Every year an average of 18 books is read by whom? Well, of course millionaire's. They take their time aside and know what they need to feed their minds too.

This is how you reach the next level........Disciplining yourself like no other.

Like I said before, you need to write goals every day and achieve them everyday.

My goals

  1. Write a page for domain website
  2. Communicate with WA for at least an hour
  3. Workout
  4. 50 pushups/1:00 min planks

These are my goals I will always remember to achieve

  1. Stay sexy
  2. Be happy
  3. Do not let anxiety get to me
  4. Be a millionaire
  5. Never give up on dreams
  6. Consistency with building foundation
  7. Make parents proud

I want the community telling me their goals and goals they will not forget. We are all in this together guys and make something out of it.

We as a community will show the world that Wealthy Affiliate is something you should be affiliated with.

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Have a blessed day guys. Keep fighting!

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pattucker Premium
Hi OmgiTzJohnny, we have similar goals.... except for the millionaire one...never really looked for any specific amount of money, just wanted to not have to worry about money, do what every I wanted and not have to worry about money.

Thanks for sharing your goals with us.
Strap Premium
Staying sexy is definitely a great goal! GOOD LUCK
JonG94 Premium
Haha yes! I will never forget we only live once. My parents brought me into this world for a reason. I will live it up and become someone I always wanted. A millionaire.