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Hello.. I am just returning to the WA community, my regular work kept me away too long. I have a business providing rental housing





Should we use captcha or askimet anti spam ?  or both ?

Should we use captcha or askimet anti spam ? or both ?

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Both plugins are pre installed, however is it okay to activate both?

Great info - thanks everyone.....Leigh

Like Trialynn I stopped using captcha a while ago and the amount of comments left has improved. (people either hate or cant be bothered to deal with captcha)

I do recommend installing askimet and the GASP plugin, this configuration has all but stopped spam on my sites

Ok thank you, yes I was looking into the addition of GASP earlier.

According to Kyle, you should use both. They have different functions.

K and C recommend both. I personally do not use captcha, because of the many complaints I have heard about it and my personal dislike of it. In the end it is 100 percent your choice. I have had no problems with spam, as long as Akismet is running!

Ok great, thank you both I appreciate it !

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