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Last Update: January 15, 2019

Welcome to eMobileGoldmine.com

I would like to express myself in form of blogging and give direction, in which might relate to struggles and triumphs. I believe, there it no failure, when there it a reaction to ups and downs, behavior is our reaction to choices. Choices are made all day long, every day. Our path we lay is determined by our choices, and choices are determines by direction we want to take. Which direction we take, is the outcome of our livelihood. I choose life and life in abundance of love, transparency and realism. I am a creation of God's work and plans, met for good, to prosper in love.


Hello beautiful World,

Where do I begin? Life has Change!

The simple life.€¦ I was born in Los Angelos County, California. When house sold for thousands, not hundreds of thousands, with hills and fields and plenty of room to grow. Where, we could walk to and from school, spend pennies and nickels at local 7-11 general store. We played and rode bike several blocks away in some neighbor. My dad had dinner triangle chime ringing for dinner. We had a couple huge climbing trees with swing, and plenty of leaves to fall. We ate at the some dinner table, no television. Television was black and white, and met from special occasions, Saturday night Laugh-In serious, Andy Griffin show. I remember getting my first transistor radio, when I was 10 years old.

IÂremember, the beaches were an hour away, so was Big Bear Lake in mountains, When we were old enough we rode our bike to Huntington Beach, through Whittier, Buena Park on Harbor Blvd, right by Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm.



i like being involve in the lives of thousands on FACEBOOK, social media, for years now. I do not know how many times i have hit the love button. I genuinely, care about people lives. I encourage or support their experience by prayer and sympathy. It is a form of reaching out, welcome to the future.



What it the purpose and goal of your website?

First of all, i love to write or create sayings or quotes of wisdom backed by truth. Common sense is not enough! Wisdom is learned by experience with seeking the ability to use knowledge. Knowledge can only be sought after, revealing the evidence of matter, substance of our real world or worth. Wisdom, also reveals our worth, the origination to our destination.

In the hope of a developing a network of support and friendship.

Sincerely, getting started,

Jonathan Leslie

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MKearns Premium
Great purposes resonate well online Jonathan!
JonathanAll1 Premium
Wayne66 Premium
Awesome day to you, Jonathan. Nice read.

I think anyone from about 50 yrs old on can remember simpler days and fewer worries, playing outside not and parents not fearing about us, rides on streetcars, playing street hockey, summer fun at the beach and long bike rides.

Those were, for sure, simpler days when a nickel could buy you an ice cream cone or a popsicle and 25 cents could get you a movie, popcorn AND a drink on the weekend.

Those days are long gone but the one thing that remains is people still need help... in life, in business, in so many ways. Just making it to the next day is considered a success for many who are homeless and/or low income.

Many of us do a lot for others because of what Christ has done for us. Many of us, (myself included) could do more.

There are many ways to do that and If one cannot do that as well in the physical world, one can certainly do that, ( and are doing it), in the cyber world through websites and through platforms like WA.

Time to get real,
JonathanAll1 Premium
Amen I Appreciate your writing Sir Very Cool
JMatonge1 Premium
Hello Jonathan,
Thank you for confessing the love of God publicly. May He acknowledge your efforts in His Kingdom. The highest service to God is to help the man He created in His own image. Great post.
JonathanAll1 Premium
Amen Sir Amen
Donna2018 Premium
Hi Jonathan,
I remember those days. Days when it was a simplier life!

It sounds like you really enjoy helping people. So, you will do great in this business!!

Thanks for sharing your post! :)

To your success,
JonathanAll1 Premium
thank you Donna God bless our success
Cav1966 Premium
Wonderful article i liked hearing more about you.
One thing though your links are not allowed on your post...there is a spot for them in your profile look for the follow me section..you can put them there.
Wa ffowns on personal promoted links in our wa blogs.
Have a wonderful day
Cathy aka cav
JonathanAll1 Premium
oh, I wasn't sure. I thought this was the place to do this. I've seen many blogs with many links.
Cav1966 Premium
Yeah we can link to other posts and stuff like trainings etc