Just because I'm not on WA doesn't mean I'm not Husting

Last Update: August 22, 2018

Man I'm a busy guy. If I wanted to sit at the computer everyday and get fat I would. I work a full time job. 48 hours the past two weeks to be exact. I have a family who needs me to be around, and I also need my mat time with Jiu Jitsu. That's the most important part of my hustle is that I need to be training. Without me training than my niche website just doesn't work. I'd be a fraud. Jiu Jitsu Jonathan can't be Jiu Jitsu Jonathan without training Jiu Jitsu!

On top of that I've had quite a few conversations about people who are interested in joining wealthy affiliate! Let's cross our fingers and hope my first few referrals are on their way!

Also on the side note I have some good things coming my way! A person I train with recently published a novel posted on Amazon and wants me to push it on my website! If people choose to download it and/or buy a paperback copy this may not lead to much income coming my way, however he has a HUGE network of people who are in my niche he can expose my website too. We're basically scratching each other's backs.

It's really good to get some feedback from a published writer about my website as well. If he likes my content then it's a really good sign!

What I have been doing during the time I have been offline:

I changed my website theme

(yes risky but it worked out.) My website looks a million times better. My first theme looked nice when it was blank but it was nothing but problems. I could not align my images to the left or right. Every image I uploaded looked gigantic and blurry. It made no sense to me. I searched for answers time and time again and I recieved nothing that was clear.

FInally somebody told me to switch my theme. This made me kind of ticked off because I didn't want to risk losing anything, but my current website posts looked downright hideous. I was extra careful when I went about this but my new theme is 1000x more pleasing to the eye and my images look MUCH better. I'm amazed I was getting web traffic at all with my old theme!

Popped on for Some Web Training

Yes, I know this is something they say I'm supposed to complete immediately, but I have to budget my time correctly in this hectic world. I've got no choice. Fortunately, I'm here for the long haul. I didn't want to jump too far ahead in the training either because I've been following it exactly on point. If it tells me to write an article I write it. Got a little bit more info and I plan to start writing my book review today as soon as I can get into wordpress (It's telling me to wait while there's maintenance on it).

Building Alliances on Social Media

I've had people contact me and I've contacted others too. When We agree to share each other's content this leads to much more exposure for everyone! The first manufacturer I started working with is also sending me more wares. I have others who are asking for reviews too. Am I making converstions? Not a ton yet, just a few. However, I'm seeing consistent website traffic because of all the side work I'm doing when I have an extra five minutes at a time. As long as I keep pushing I'll surely see a consistent 30-45 users turn into 100's!

Reading Other Members Blogs

I haven't had the time to produce much content until this week, but when I'm on my lunch break at work I've been looking at a lot of your guys blogs. Congrats on your progress, and thanks to those of you with the useful information who have been making trainings. I may not have been here much socially but I have most definitely been around!


I'm glad to be back on here. Look forward to writing my next article and slowly but surely working my way out of my current day job. That dream of mine where training jiu jitsu 8 hours everyday is coming closer to reality inch by inch!

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RenaSparrow Premium
Steady and consistent--that's what will get the job done! Congrats on your progress and ground laying!!
Jonathan40 Premium
Much thanks!
keishalina Premium
Thanks kindly for sharing & posting! ... keep moving onward & upward to success, all the best, cheerio... :)
Jonathan40 Premium
Same to you. Thanks!
keishalina Premium
sure -- you're most welcome! ... enjoy the journey.. :)