Coming to an end in the training

Last Update: July 09, 2018

I'm now a little bit into the "mastering social engagement" part of the training and there is one thing bothering me. When I click on "website manager" my site health is still not in the green. It's almost there but I thought I should be at 100% site health by now. After I finish the training I'm still not showing up in green then I'm definitely going to delve deeper into the problem to figure out what it is I missed.

However, I now have over 1000 Facebook friends who participate in my niche. My Instagram following is growing, I have a new Twitter account, Pinterest, and google +.

I now remembered to put my affiliate disclosure in all of my posts. One of them I boosted on Facebook and I saw 22 website clicks. I still haven't made any money but I think I am well on my way and I feel those first few dollars coming soon.

It's amazing to have so much access to this training. It also raises certainty in my mind that I'll continue learning after my training is done. Il still have affiliate bootcamp and all the live seminars to participate in.

Super grateful to have all of you guys here too. You've been great giving me little tips and help along the way. Thank you all so much. I also recently started paying it forward and helping the brand new people with what I've learned so far.

Cross your fingers for me guys. I've put a lot of work in on this I really hope it starts turning a profit or I atleast break even soon!

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WendaSue Premium
Sounds like you are certainly on the road to success. Keep up the good work.
All the best,
Wendi :)
Jonathan40 Premium
Thank you. And I hope so!
ColleenLVSJC Premium
Way to go!! There's continuous proof that the WA training works. Sounds like you took the advice of the experts here to do the certification training first, then do affiliate bootcamp. That's how I'm doing it too. Congrats on your achievements!!! :)
Jonathan40 Premium
Thanks. Definitely have made progress. Hopefully our proof starts showing in dollar form soon!
amyr2017 Premium
That is amazing and good for you! WOW -- 1000 FB followers?! I am thinking that your site health may not be in the green because of too many plug-ins? Not enough site "feedback" -- ?
I attached a screen shot of my details, and I have too many plug-ins which is affecting my site health -- is this what you mean?
Jonathan40 Premium
I took a screenshot of the healthbar I'm talking about. The only plug ins I currently have are the ones recommended in training. I've followed the training as I've moved forward bit by bit. I thought my site health would be in the green by now the top site is what I mean in the screenshot. The one on bottom I haven't put any work into yet