397 Monthly Pinterest Viewers and I Didn't Do ANYTHING!

Last Update: September 06, 2018

So I've steadily popped on here and there. I only wrote one new video article recently. Actually recently I started playing with the stock market a little bit too. So I'm putting several eggs in several baskets for my journey to slowly move out of my day job and have a completely jiu jitsu filled life.

Small but steady movements are paying off with time.

So every post I make on social media gets me a little bit of traffic. I also see a small amount of recurring traffic from search engines and such so I'm well on my way.

I still haven't made a whole lot of money but my effort on my website part of my life has been minuscule over the past few weeks, so I can't complain.

Any way, to be honest. I'm kinda running out of low hanging keywords to use in my content. Any suggesstions for coming up with more without doing a Jaaxy upgrade?

Some of my focus key words have a QSR of like 2 or 3. Some of them are even 0.At what point should I start being a little bit more aggressive with higher QSR's that are closer to 100?

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LalsM Premium
Pinterest is amazing. I have been posting a few things of mine, but repinning similar content multiple times per day and I have over 3.1k viewers. It is a great platform.
JKulk1 Premium
Hi Jonathan. I'm fairly new to Pinterest. Do you put all your website content onto it? and do they go on one pin page. Jim
Godsmack12 Premium
Ya pintrest will generate a lot of viewers with little work
Jonathan40 Premium
I was surprised. Because Out of all the Social Media Sites I did the least work with Pinterest
Godsmack12 Premium
It will pretty much work on it's own tip Just add a couple saves a day and it will triple.