My First 60 days

Last Update: July 01, 2018

Hello WA Associates!

I am now 60 days into this project and I am very happy with my progress. Thanks to the great training and support here at WA, I have built my very 1st website.

My initial purpose in building the site was to promote my own book, Stop for Life . It is a highly effective program to stop smoking. While in the process of building out my site, I discovered that not only can I sell my own book, I can also sell peripheral products.

For example, Ex-Smokers want to get healthy, so they seek out nutrition programs, vitimins, exercise equipment and the like. Pregnant mothers who want to stop smoking are being offered Baby Strollers, baby furniture and baby clothes. These products are easily available for offering on my site.This enables multiple income streams, and that is exciting !

What I have learned that I can pass on to my WA Associates is that if we want a successful business, then we have to treat this as a business, not an occassional hobby. That means that I set activity goals that support the financial goals that I have already set.

A goal without a deadline is simply a wish list. Set goals with deadlines and then break the goal down to daily activities necessary to reach that goal. Perform these activities EVERY DAY by doing something to move toward those goals. I believe that persistence and self-discipline are the keys to success.

John Turco

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suzieq Premium
That’s awesome John. You’re site is really coming along. :)
JohnTurco Premium
Thanks!... I will be revisiting your suggestions as I build out my next phase.... Thanks for all your help and support.
CandP Premium
Excellent and helpful niche. All the best to you!
JohnTurco Premium
Thanks!.. Feel free to leave a comment or question.
marmar463 Premium
That is awesome you have really thought this out that is great. About setting real goals and then breaking them down into daily activities is an awesome thing. Great job keep up the great work.
Hollshope Premium
What a great niche you have, and congratulations on building your first website. The sky's the limit from here!