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July 01, 2018
Hello WA Associates!I am now 60 days into this project and I am very happy with my progress. Thanks to the great training and support here at WA, I have built my very 1st website.My initial purpose in building the site was to promote my own book, Stop for Life . It is a highly effective program to stop smoking. While in the process of building out my site, I discovered that not only can I sell my own book, I can also sell peripheral products. For example, Ex-Smokers want to get healthy, so they
Will I gain weight if I Stop Smoking ?Gaining weight when stopping smoking is a concern of many smokers trying to stop smoking cigarettes. The question of exactly how to quit smoking without gaining weight is addressed in depth in the Stop for Life program.According to the American Cancer Society, on the average, a smoker will gain about 10 pounds when stopping smoking. While this is an across-the-board fact, it is NOT an across-the-board mandatory consequence of stopping smoking.People gain we