I've learned my Success Lesson

Last Update: January 29, 2017

I've been a member of WA for over a year but took a detour to implement a program outside of WA. During this time I have witnessed Wealthy Affiliate Students propel themselves towards six figure incomes while the path I had followed has not . My experimentation outside of WA has taught me this serious lesson...We have at our finger tips EVERYTHING we need to be successful.

For every legitimate service such as WA there are at least two bad services selling overpriced and unworkable programs. Glowing promises of instant success are seductive. But DO NOT be seduced... Any legitimate business has a learning curve before they produce results. Kyle and Carson wear the White Hat while presenting WA services in a straight forward manner. The hucksters mask themselves with shiny & glittering promotions. The most successful here at WA tend to understate their earnings. And the super successful members here are more likely to contact you with friendly advice rather then bragging about their latest luxury vacations (though exciting to think about) which does little to develop your skills.

I have made the mistake of purchasing other high priced programs But I always kept a watchful eye on WA students as they applied WA training with great success!! My confidence is firm and my focus is resolute. I now am following in the footsteps of WA graduates and countles six figure earners at Wealthy Affiliate.

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Rich908 Premium
We have all strayed, been misled, duped, false promises of wealth -hopes dashed. So what's new?

It happened to me. I changed direction walked down a different road the Wealthy Affiliate and I have no intention of deviating
JohnSwane Premium
As a follow up...My Johnny's Trading Exchange site is hosted through Shopify and the training I purchased to build it had no affiliation whatsoever to Wealthy Affiliate. I have the determination to eventually turn my Johnny's site into a winner...BUT is anybody ever tries to convince you that Drop shipping products through Shopify is a breeze...Do not believe it.