Patience And Determination Pays Off

Last Update: April 26, 2018

Hello, everyone. I was wanting to say for all the new people and the people who still are wondering if this thing really works or not, your faith in what you believe in will always prevail. As a person trying to market on the internet for the first time it can be challenging and downright aggravating at times.

I have been here for around a year now in the WA community. I do have a lawn service active now so my time is limited on my websites. But I will say that I put a lot of hard work and Friday night training sessions with Jay.

Because of this my lawnservice website is bringing me customers on a pretty frequent basis thanks to some of the training I received from Jay. The Google My Business training session especially.

I have not worked on my sites or been really active in the community because of the lawn season but I just wanted to share what desire and determination could bring. Not saying that you can expect to get rich quick but you can build up something that can bring you the residual income that you did not have.

Who knows, it can become a constant thing over time. The cover picture I added was to show what I did simply by posting reviews and having an online store for my websites that included some Amazon links. This sale came from either the or the website. I am not sure how to tell which it came from.

But I did a lot of posting on each one of them as well as my other sites. I am on downtime but they still are capable of pulling some revenue if one of my articles is appealing to someone.

So to shorten the story I just wanted to share what the power of WA has provided me and how mixed with desire, determination & faith there will be some results. This tells me it works but can be maximized with 100% effort that some of you might have the time to give.

I cannot give 100% of my time but it still yields some results. I wish everyone all the glory in their ventures here at WA.

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Googlmans Premium
Love it! Keep that momentum going.
johnsoalonso Premium
Thank you
HowardJaros Premium
Congrats on your success John! It's a great testament to the training here in WA and your perseverance to succeed!

Press on . . .
johnsoalonso Premium
Thank you.