A Website Needs A Good Logo

Last Update: January 24, 2017

I wanted to share with everyone how important I think having a great logo for their website really is. For one it helps your site have its own identity and ads some professionalism to it as well. I just built a site for a lawn service that I am planning on doing. I don't have a big budget so I was trying to get it done where it did not cost an arm and a leg. I still have not figured out yet hoe to put onto my website but I did add

it to things like my google map. I think for a start up this is not bad at all.

In case anybody is wondering who I used for this the company name is Fiverr.com. They do other things needed for business relatively affordable for us beginners. I don't get anything for mentioning them I just thought it would help some of us. I must say there are a lot of designers on this site and like anything else you have some who may not be great business people. Because I ran into one and cancelled the order and found another.

I would like to leave a link to the one I used because they were professional and responded quickly to me when IO had questions or wanted a change in the design. So if you are like me on a limited budget you can go to the link below and have yours done for as little as $5.00 and a little up sell at the end. I spent a total of about $16.00 in all. So if you would like I would recommend the designer I used because they were very professional and responded quickly when I needed them. Good luck on your website. Zikogfx's link is below.


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LouisaB Premium
i love the logo. I feel that a logo speaks for the company and gives credibility. Nice going!
RHBarlow Premium
Very nice idea, I have been thinking about a logo.