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Last Update: December 29, 2019

We each create what we believe!

There was a period in my life when I was totally paralyzed and I could not move anything other that my eyes. While lying in the hospital bed I looked up at the ceiling and pondered many questions. In time, I learned that my particular injury was to the left-side of my head which had resulted in the right-side of each eye being totally blind. As I reflect now on my life, I am truly amazed at the progress that I have made during the last 17 years. I am continuing a life-journey that continues to teach.

I understand with even greater clarity ... that we each create with our minds-eye. The things that we believe ... the things that we see and believe in our mind and heart ... in time ... get transmuted into reality. Believing becomes seeing! Please join me with our clear focus ... with optimistic expectations ... for a great 20-20 vision for 2020 and beyond!

If I focus on the negative stuff ... then that's what I get more of!

I am choosing to be a deliberate creator ... not a regurgitator of old habits.

Every thought is an eternal vibration of energy ...

As a physicist I understand a little about Energy and vibrations. With each passing year, I possess a better understand that we each have both physical and eternal aspects of our being-ness.

One aspect of me is ... my soul ... and the other aspect is my body. I can measure certain electromagnetic attributes of my body ... but how do I measure my Soul?

My body connects with my Soul through .... my feelings!

Yes ... feelings provide directs feedback for that gives me very important information that allows for better choices.

But I have to be mindful of my feeling ... because that's the (small, still, quiet) inner voice that is sending me signals. By "listening" or being "toned-it" I can better receive the signals.

So how do I get tuned-in?

I get better tuned-in (and you can too if you want) by understanding the nature of the feeling.

Negative feeling are not health and quite counter productive. There is a large array of negative feeling such as fear, worry, doubt, jealousy to name a few. Each negative feeling is an emotion that can be short-lived or can be prolonged into a mood that persists for a certain period of time. Each emotion (E-motion) is energy that can grow if it gets's fed. Like bouncing a basketball, when you get it sinc .... you keep it going. Where your "focus goes ... energy flows."

We get the same old results in life when we maintain the same old point of attraction. When we keep bounding the proverbial basketball we get the same ole results.

Good wolf - bad wolf ... Choose different expectations ...

Perhaps you have heard of the story of wise man telling his son the story of the good wolf and the bad wolf. The father explained to his son, "In life, there is within you on ongoing battle between the good wolf and the bad wolf." With quiriocity in his voice the son asked his father, "In this ongoing battle, which wolf wins." His father lovingly replyed, "The one that you feed the most!"

When I choose to break-out of the old fear-based habits of thinking ... my life takes a big turn for the better. I choose to look for the good in people rather that the bad. I choose to focus forwardly ... to give my optimistic intentions going forward ... to Fore-give and expect great things. By feeding the good-wolf ... I become more loveing ... and I feel good!

Tossing your Boomerang of Love ...

It has taken me many years .... and I'm still a work in progress ... but I am learning how to be more loving of myself and to others.

This is both good and exciting news because I see breaking out all over the world. This optimistic outlook for 2020 and beyond is the outflow of adopting 20-20 eye-sight. Our colective ability to focus on the best in each other is truly awesome.

Can you feel it ... we can!

Can you see it ... we can feel each others Rainbow!

This is a very good day and it's a great new year coming soon.

In positive expectation of a great new year,


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Scwebu Premium
Great post. It's all in the mind, what you think is what you get. Here's to a prosperous 2020.
JohnButton Premium
Thanks Scwebu!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Have the GREATEST New Year EVER, John--through your deliberate creations!

JohnButton Premium
Thanks Jeff and I send good Reflections right back to you! John
JeffreyBrown Premium
I sincerely appreciate that, John! I can use all I can get, my friend!
HeidiAnders3 Premium
"I am choosing to be a deliberate creator ... not a regurgitator of old habits."

I'm going to join you on this mission, my friend!! Cheers!!!🥂🌟
JohnButton Premium
Thanks Heidi and yes, Joy is infectious without regurgitation! Boomerang John!