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Last Update: February 27, 2021

Who are you trying to please?

  • Ever look at a website and scratch your head?
  • Pretty pictures... Nice layout... what's it all about?
  • Are you writing for your own pleasure?
  • Who is your customer?
  • What are you selling?
  • Are people buying what you're selling? If not, have you asked why?

Have you answered these questions?

  • Do people leave your website wondering what you want them to do?
  • Did you ask them for a decision? Did you actually ask them to buy what you're selling?
  • A basic question, but you would be amazed at how many never ask for a decision.
  • Are you clear in what you're saying?
Is your message clear?
  • When you blog at WA, do you say something?
  • Do I close your blog and ask "What was that about?"
  • I've seen blogs that contain one word... one sentence...
  • What are you saying?

Let me leave you with this quote by Soeski Natsume:

"But to my questions, he gave replies so vague that one could not tell whether they came from the mountains or the sea."


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BarbaraN Premium
Good Morning, Joe. Good to hear from you. Your post just reminded me of some old--really old-- training I had to endure in order to be hired for a sales job. It was on how to close a sale:
After you have presented whatever it was on sale, then Ask the Question- Can I wrap that for you? Will that be credit card or cash? Will you be taking that with you? , or do you want it delivered?
I've never forgotten that. I was young then and thought I knew everything. But I found out that making the pitch was easy--asking the question was not that easy.

I think we still have to remember to ask the question when we write our posts---What is the point of our message, What do we want our readers to take away; what action do we want them to take;,etc.
I had forgotten that, as well. thanks for the shake up.
Joes946 Premium
True Barbara.
AlexEvans Premium
How is it going Joe all good, it is good to see you.

One of the best breathtaking breakthroughs we can make is getting in touch with ourselves and the audience that we are reaching out to.

And defining our CTA's so that we can reach out with value.

Excellent post Joe.

Joes946 Premium
Thanks Alex.
JrzyGrlBJ Premium
Hey Joe,
Good to hear from you again.
These are all really great points and great questions to ask ourselves. Smashed it out of the park again with this one 👏

I have to agree with Hugh about scratching my head and wondering what the heck was that about, when it comes to some blog posts I read.

When I write my website articles, I usually conclude with asking questions, asking for questions and comments and letting folks know I will respond to them.

Take care and be well,
Joes946 Premium
JrzyGrlBJ Premium
Thank you, Joe.

Talk again soon,
Only1Hugh Premium
Have to admit Joe that sometimes some blogs have you scratching your head and asking huh? The good thing though is that we all usually get honest feedback....sometimes too honest lol for the faint at heart. But necessary so that we all learn and come back better next time.

Good to see you my friend.
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Excellent advice Joe :-)