blank mind

Last Update: May 10, 2018

It seem i have a blank mine today, i know there many things i should be working on in my site . but i just can not come up with any new ideas today, Does this ever happen to any one else

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joe12345 Premium
thanks for all the coments every one
marmar463 Premium
Yes it does happen to others I am blank myself looking for new ideas and I can't seem to come with anything at this moment. The best remedy for that takes a break clear your mind and then come back to it and see if that helps and if that doesn't then listen to some relaxing music to quiet your mind down and relax. I hope this helps you out. Best wishes on your journey with WA.
Mark-AI Premium
I find providing other people feedback gives me ideas that I never thought about. Earns you credits to get feedback for your site too. Give and you shall receive
Good luck Joe
JudyStrong Premium
Sure. Take a walk, observe everything around you. When you come home, write about it, as descriptively as you can. Tomorrow will be another day.

Good luck