Last Update: April 04, 2017

So, I made the decision to get off the fence and jump onto the side of what is new, unfamiliar, and uncharted territory for me. Online Business!

It's been an easy an comfortable zone as a learning & development (eLearning) consultant living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Nation's Capital), to pick up the phone and let consulting firms know I'm available to take on contracts to work with our federal government. But, often feeling like a cat in a cage - at the mercy of other's schedules.

And, as a holistic life and career coach wanting to expand my reach, and having to step outside of my comfort zone to share my knowledge and work with people at a global level, I've been skirting the commitment to enter the online business world.

I've looked around for years, got scammed by "gurus" selling me more than I knew I needed, wasting time and money, but mostly losing heart - and trust.

But, somehow I stumbled (there are no accidents!) across WA, and seem to have found a safe, authentic, and generously sharing and supportive community here.

My inspiration has returned and I look forward to learning, growing, sharing, and collaborating with new friends as I begin to navigate the uncharted waters of building a successful online business.


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Dmorrow Premium
Congrats on getting off the fence, lol, and welcome to Wealthy Affiliates! I know you will find that this was one of the best decisions you ever made. Enjoy the journey!

Joanne-G Premium
Hi Debby,
Thanks, and yes, lol, for sure! I'm enjoying the community already!
Blessings to you, too!