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Last Update: October 12, 2016

Good afternoon WA friends. I'm having an issue either trying to remember or if I haven't, how to put my Google plus, FB, and Twitter links on my web page. I'm burning my brain out trying to figure this out and I see so many that have them saying you can find us on ....So I will go back again and try to find answer but if anyone can help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and enjoy this beautiful day.

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LizPB Premium
Try sumoMe ;-)
drjec Premium
The easiest thing is to add a plugin and then the info for each page.
MKearns Premium
There is an assortment here to fine tune your SM links. https://www.sourcewp.com/best-social-media-plugins-for-wordpress/
bbqfirepit Premium
You can simply add a plugin. I use Social Media Feather. It is lite and quick and easy to use. Once its set up, it works. Hope it helps!