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November 03, 2018
I'm only about one or two months in to the online content creating world and it is all very new and sometimes confusing to me. The question came to me how Google can actually find my website so I did the obvious.I asked Bing.Just kidding. I ended up on Google's support site. Google explains very clear and simple how It works and it think I might help a lot of us just starting out. Bit since I’m not allowed to copy-paste it I will use my own words.From Google in my words:There’s no n
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October 31, 2018
As I was leaving comments today on some of our fellow WA members, at some point I got the message that the site was not safe to visit and that I should not fill in any details because the owner might take advantage of it, or something like that.Not much later, as I was receiving comments back on my latest post I received a message from someone who tried to visit my page and got a similar message! See below:I can imagine how it must look like for any of your visitors, so I did a quick search on
October 20, 2018
Hey everyone,Just wanted to let you all know how I've been experiencing being on this platform and how my website is coming along. I actually signed up about a year ago and started some writing some content. But after about 3 months I let go of of the progress because I kinda got stuck somewhere in the second level of the training. It took me many months to actually come back here but I kept the premium membership going because I didn't want to give up yet.I started making excuses for why it di