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Last Update: November 03, 2018

I'm only about one or two months in to the online content creating world and it is all very new and sometimes confusing to me. The question came to me how Google can actually find my website so I did the obvious.

I asked Bing.

Just kidding. I ended up on Google's support site. Google explains very clear and simple how It works and it think I might help a lot of us just starting out. Bit since I’m not allowed to copy-paste it I will use my own words.

From Google in my words:

There’s no need to ask Google to be included in their search results, it’s free and easy.

Google uses some software that can be seen as little spider-pigs (if you know you know) walking around on the web regularly to find sites to index into Google.

This goes all automatically, how cool is that?!

Wanna know if your site is on Google?

Go to Bing, or Yahoo. Type in the following: "" only don’t type but type your actually URL, get it?

O and don’t use Bing or Yahoo, just do this in Google.

Can you not find your site on Google?

Sometimes Google misses a site. No big deal (usually) it can be for any of these reasons:

  • Maybe your site isn’t good connected to other sites.
  • If your website is brand new the spider-pigs might not have found it yet.
  • Maybe the design of your site hinders the spider-pigs (I’m not yet sure what that means).
  • Google received some kind of error when the spider-pigs tried to walk around on your site (no idea what that could mean either, yet).

So how do you get your site on Google?

Make sure your site is spider-pig-friendly no guarantees, but this short video explains in a very simple but clear way how to do this. And it explains what NOT to do!

Check it out:

Hope this might help you guys in some way.

All the best to everyone working on their own brigther future with WA. May you guys find all the online success you could possibly have.


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AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Jonathan thank you for sharing, Michaels video is pure gold, it is a simple process so easy to overthink it and complicate things in the process.