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Last Update: October 20, 2018

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know how I've been experiencing being on this platform and how my website is coming along. I actually signed up about a year ago and started some writing some content. But after about 3 months I let go of of the progress because I kinda got stuck somewhere in the second level of the training. It took me many months to actually come back here but I kept the premium membership going because I didn't want to give up yet.

I started making excuses for why it didn't really matter and it was a wasted effort and that while I'm writing about habits, success and kind of psychological things. It's weird how what I try to help people with I got stuck in myself.

Anyway I am on the last lesson of level 2 now and I can see how it is only going to get better. And how my website is so much better already. I have 5 articles now and my site is indexted in google, I have found new energy and motivation to continue on this journey and I will not give up.

I hope to share my success story soon.

All the best,


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Cass51 Premium
Hi Jonathan, I am glad you decided to come back and not give up. Remember there is much support here and if you get stuck there are plenty of members willing to help. best of luck on your new journey.
Vickic3 Premium
Back and ready to move it move it :)
Love hearing this Jonothan and this time think of your WHY and let this be your motivator and always keep moving forward my friend and you and success will become great friends
All the very best and I look forward to reading some more progress blogs along the way
Calvinator63 Premium
Hey Jonathan,

Well you are back, writing a blog on the WA platform, so you have made some progress to over coming your own doubts.

I would suggest that you read some of the success stories (in the main blog roll - just scroll down to find them, of the WA dashboard). They can be very motivational and inspiring to anyone reading them.

As for the website their are plenty members here that can offer great advice on how to improve your website, its hard to go wrong if you follow the advice of someone that is already at the level you'd like to be at!

AlanJE Premium
I am sure you will be able to make the improvements you need by following the training steps, everything is covered, Alan
Eli47 Premium
Keep it up. you'll reach your goal in the end.