Have You Ever Been Frustrated After Making Affiliate Commissions?

Last Update: January 17, 2020

I know it sounds crazy, Let me explain...

Happy New Year by the way, I hope 2020 brings you everything you deserve!

As 2019 was coming to an end I started feeling really excited about the possibilities 2020 would bring, and I started gaining some momentum.

I got my first referral who upgraded to a premium member here, and I got my first commission email.

The funny thing was, the referral was someone I communicated with while checking out another opportunity to make money online with a different program. I was excited to share WA with them and they were so excited to join and get started with the training.

Another Sale

Shortly after my WA referral, I got another email saying you have just received a commission...this time it was for a program with recurring commissions as well. You can imagine the excitement I am feeling at this point, not because of the amount of commission, but the momentum I am seeing as I move forward.

The next time I look at my email, it looks like I have another sale and this time they didn't just purchase the front-end product, they purchased the OTO1 which increased my commissions!

What happen next really shocked me!

This is where things get interesting, I get some messages from two people who have purchased products I promoted and they are basically saying "I bought the product you are promoting, how do I make money with this?"

Then I start asking questions like, do you know what affiliate marketing is and how it works? And of course, the answer is no. I start thinking to myself, why would someone join a FB group about affiliate marketing, buy products based on someone's recommendation, and have no idea what affiliate marketing is?

Now, I start feeling bad because although I have earned some commissions from my promotions, the people I am trying to help have no idea what to do with the products and will make no money.

How can I serve my audience better?

As I start asking questions and attempt to help, I realize there may be an opportunity to help and earn at the same time. I start thinking, maybe I should make a Basic Beginners Course to share what affiliate marketing is and how it works.

Something which can help someone go from not knowing what affiliate marketing is to understanding how to promote an offer with tools and strategies which are effective and generate results.

My Teachable Journey

Level-1 Affiliate Boot-Camp Course is currently in the works, I plan on using this to help anyone who can't access the WA platform because of location or finances. At least I can help provide information and direction which will allow people to get started on the right track.

The course creation process is something I thought about a while back, but put on the back burner to focus on other parts of my online business. After my experience, I think it's time to give this a try to see how it works.

Any Advice or Recommendations?

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great! No, I didn't come up with that on my own as I'm sure some of you have heard that before. I refuse to let fear or any other obstacles stop me from pushing forward, but I realize the process can be challenging.

If anyone has any advice or recommendations I'm all ears and I have thick skin, so feel free to let me know exactly what you think. All your comments are very much appreciated and welcome.


Best regards,


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