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What's Up WA family!I hope everything is going well, and your businesses are growing and reaching new heights. I just wanted to share a quick success story I had this month which gave me lots of encouragement and motivation. I have been building my business online since June of 2018. With so many people in the community sharing success stories it can be motivating at first, but then it sometimes made me feel as if I was doing something wrong.I know I should not compare my progress with anyone e
WOW!!!It seemed as if 2018 came and went so fast, but it definitely left its mark. I can't wait for 2019 and what it has to offer. My focus will be to TAKE ACTION on things that MATTER most in life, and what I what out of it. I believe we are in control of aspects in our lives that make the most difference, we just need to focus and tap into our skills and figure out how to assist others. "It is better to give, than receive" I think that's how that goes. I want to talk about GOALS and how I pla
I feel like I'm dreaming...I can't believe Chinedu is gone (All the way to the right in green)I still can't comprehend how and why this happended, and of course the investigation is still in the early stages and answers won't here anytime soon. I have been struggling to do anything and my focus is lacking, all I can think of is the fact that my cousin is gone and know one saw it coming. This post is one way I'm trying to release the frustration, anger, and sadness I'm feeling at the moment. I a
September 30, 2018
Hey WA family, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the last part of the weekend. I have been so focused on my nine to five for the last few weeks and didn't get much done on my website or here within the community. My rankings dropped here and I am working on moving back up the ladder, I also just finished another article for my site as I work towards my goals to hit 30 articles by the end of November.I have seen many posts of people strugling recently and some even having to leave the W
Hello WA, I hope everyone is doing well and having an awesome time learning and creating. I must say that I am very excited that I am here learning and taking full advantage of this opportunity. Huge thanks to Kyle, Carson, and everyone here in the community that I have had the pleasure of interacting with. I have been work as much as possible on creating as much content with the amount of time I have available, and remain active within the community to learn and grow through interactions. On t
WHAT IS THE DEAL?I am still working through training and putting everything together on my website to get the traffic rolling strong. I have been working on better understanding how Jaaxy works to make sure the keywords I choose are low hanging to get better placement in search rankings. At about 5:30 pm today, I was able to check site ranking on Jaaxy to see what was going on with the article rankings. Success, one of the first articles I published was on PAGE 1 - POSITION 6 ON YAHOO!!! As you
August 18, 2018
Hello everyone, I just want to say that I had an awesome time yesterday celebrating my 33rd birthday. I wanted to share this post yesterday, but was having too much fun and didn'y get the chance. I was thinking about you all and wished that there was a way I could celebrate with everyone. I told my buddies to the left in the photo that I would be hosting a HUGE party for my 40th and you all are invited. I haven't worked out al the details but I know it will happen, and I am already excited. Dr
So many people may be wondering, why create an online business? I think the answer is very simple. It can allow anyone to gain back more time for things which matter most in their life and become their own boss. People decide to create businesses online for different reasons and choose different audiences to target. Once you create an online business, you can grow and monetize it, sell it and move on, or create another. The point is the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless!I want t
Hello WA family, I hope everyone is doing well, and in good spirits. I just wanted to share my experience with installing google ad sense to my website. I'm not sure if I installed it properly in the first place, the big issue is that the email response from google was so vague I couldn't tell what was wrong and how to fix it I am wondering if this has happened to anyone else, if so how did you handle it? I'm sure there may be others who may experience the same thing so I figured this could be
Hello Everyone, Happy Sunday, I hope all is well and everyone is doing good. I have been working hard trying to get things done on my website and move through all the courses and training videos I can before the weekend is over. I am also looking forward to publishing another article today as well. There is so much do and so little time, I'm sure most of can relate. I really just want to say thanks for all the constant support I have received from everyone in the community, and all the awesome