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November 22, 2020
"Life is a secret; Death remains mystery" ~ R.R Matt. SmithLast week was very sad for me and my family - today is a week since my 100-year-old father passed away from Covid. So this post is a tribute to him. Since you are also my family, I feel that I can share and celebrate his life with you. Believe me, I can tell stories of him and his life for as long as you will listen. But don't worry, I will not bore you with details (even though they are very remarkable).For as long as I can remember, h
October 19, 2020
While looking through my mails I noticed one letter. Interesting topic, good text, link to the site. Clicked on the link to go to the site.And there ....NOTHING. The page is uploading.I thought I had a problem with the Internet - checked. Everything is fine. The Internet works, other sites open fast. Clicked again.Waiting...Started to count ... One... Two... Ten... Sixty... Seventy! Hooray! Page opened.I expected to see a beautiful page with many pictures and special effects. But no... What I g
Everybody agrees that we all need a vacation as much as we need breath and eat. But when is it the best time to take vacation? Everyone has their own preferences. Someone likes to roast under the sun near the ocean, someone dreams of a snowy winter. For me, the choice of the best time of the year was determined in childhood - it's time for mushroom picking (I know, I know, most of you prefer mushroom picking in the store) - end of summer, beginning of fall. Actually, I have three main reasons t
August 28, 2020
That question made me wonder. Think hard.Most of us want to lose weight, earn a million, start our own business, write a book, travel the world... We want a lot, but in fact, we either do nothing to fulfill our desire or work half of our strength.How bad do you want that?A strong question. It puts all the points over "i".Well, for example, you want to lose weight.Do you want it?I know you want it ... After all, you already have “love holders”, shortness of breath when climbing the s
I “discovered” XML Sitemap in AIO SEO recently. But when I looked there, I wanted to scream – what are all these URLs doing there? There were 97 URLs and only 5 of them were real. Others were some cropped images. And I did not have slightest idea where did they come from. So, I needed to clean up XML Sitemap. But how? My first step was to seek the answer in WA. No way I am the only one who has this problem. Sure enough, the very same question was asked “What causes aio-s
April 06, 2020
Due to the coronavirus pandemic museums in the whole world started to close.Fortunately for art admirers even in self-isolation mode you can "walk" through museum's halls and admire famous masterpieces - the internet makes their collections available.It's even better - now you can "visit" museums that you probably would never visit in the real life. Besides, you have all the time now to enjoy pieces you like as long as you want. Lets' start from the far away country...Have you ever been to Russ