Cost vs Value

Last Update: December 13, 2017

When I first came across WA it was after following several threads of online business opportunities and ultimately feeling frustrated about how many dead-ends I kept reaching.

Opportunities abound out there but they are not necessarily beneficial.

One conclusion I have been able to draw for myself is that whatever does not cost you, you will not value...there is no such thing as a free ride. Even though you may not pay for it, someone else has...(in the background)

In my short time with WA I have figured out that every effort to get through the lessons, read the tutorials whilst cheering others on goes a long way towards me achieving my costs me effort in order for me to reap the value

Someone else cannot do the work for me...even though technically WA owing to Kyle and Carson's vision ,commitment and focus has laid the best possible foundation, I still have to invest time to see the end result which should be a successful testimonial of time well spent.

Finally, the money. We all have a relationship of some sort with money. For some it's a facilitator and for others a motivator. Whichever way you see it, money moves things along. Every cent invested here bears fruit...and that fruit for a lifetime even though the knowledge gained far outweighs any other consideration. Awesome times lie ahead :)

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JeannineC Premium
Good insights into a couple of things people rarely think about.
sprbst53 Premium
Very well said. You nailed it.
DEversley Premium
You are very wise, Jacqueline. Enjoyed the wisdom in here tremendously.

You have the right attitude. I know you will do very well.

Al the best!
JMankanda Premium
Thank you for the compliment David!

The positive and supportive attitude I have encountered from the few members I have interacted with so far helps! It keeps me accountable...keeps the doubts at bay.

My confidence levels are definitely on a new level.
DEversley Premium
That's a good thing. :)
You will never get used to it.:) That's a good thing too.