Made it to 6 months

Last Update: April 05, 2018

Hi everyone, I have been here for just over 6 months now and wanted to update you all on my progress.

I have been following all the lessons to the T and my website posts are ranking very well. But I am not doing so well with the affiliate side, only a couple of small sales. I have put this down to traffic. I have not seen a great improvement in traffic, I need more so I am hoping now that I have social media accounts all set up that will hopefully change.

I need to come up with some way to be more organised. As my website is growing there seems to be more and more to do. Each day I tell myself I will draw up a plan but seem to spend a lot of time posting or responding to comments on social media. Any stragies on planning my time would be appricated.

I am really proud of the work I have done so far and feel very optimistic that I will start earning soon.

I was very pleased when I got accpted with google adsense

I have put up a page on my website for guest writers and have two so far that have signed up. This will help free up my time to focus

Next 3 months I plan on completing the rest of this course.

Next 6 months will continue to building the website out with good content.

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Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome, I look forward to seeing your website/business continue to gain authority, traction and success in the next 6 months.
merlynmac Premium
Sounds like a plan! Keep it up.