6 Actionable Tips to Build Your Online Presence On Your Site

Last Update: June 28, 2021

The Internet is a vast place with infinite possibilities and opportunities. At the same time, it can also be a very scary place for small business owners who are just starting out on their own. Here are six ways to help build your online presence so that you can better tell your story and get people to buy.

1. You may find it beneficial to place a photo of yourself on your website.

A downside to running an online business is the difficulty in building customer loyalty. People will form stronger personal connections with a business that they can visit in person. Because, then they can see and be seen by a real live person who speaks their language and has a face, not just one behind a computer screen.

I read an interesting discussion on a forum giving their opinions on the pros and cons of adding your picture to your site. One person expressed that people might be turned off by the ethnicity of the person.

Even though it may be a concern, I found the best answer to this problem is I would not want to do business with someone who was prejudiced against me anyway. So, problem solved.

Your photo helps your visitor to see who they will be doing business with. And that's the goal, isnít it?

2. Place your physical address and contact information on your website.

Here, you are being transparent and open about your identity and how you may be contacted. You have nothing to hide, and intend to prove that by remaining in contact with this person for as long as they wish.

Your address also provides an important sense of structure for the often-fluid environment of the Internet. It is much like a sign on a brick and mortar store -this is where I'm located and open for business.

Do you have a contact number and email address so you can be reached?

All this information adds to your credibility in the eyes of a potential client.

3. Do not use a free email account

Building a strong web presence is crucial for any small business, especially if it has no other name behind it.

If you use a free email service, what does this tell a prospective client? You are so successful but cannot even afford a paid email service. You should use a business website's domain associated email account. For example, ending in .com or co.uk.

4. Have an About page

When visitors first arrive at my site they start out as window shoppers. They may know a little about me but are just looking around, trying to decide if they want to develop a relationship with me. Introducing them to the About page is a good chance for them to learn more about who you are and whether or not it's worth building a long-lasting business relationship.

Just having an outline of who you are and what your business stands for can put a visitor at ease. This is because they see you are not afraid to be checked out.

5. Include a Privacy Statement

Privacy matters are becoming increasingly important in the Internet age. Ensure your website is compliant with these standards by providing a privacy policy page to your customers.

6. Testimonials

What carries weight is the opinions of your customers and other experts in your field. Testimonials of course.

The testimonials of your satisfied customers are priceless. You can literally build instant credibility through the testimonials from your successful customers.

When providing testimonials, be sure that the client's business name or website appears and their full name is visible.

Final Words

There you have it. Use these strategies to help you build your online presence and gain increased visibility for your business.

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