Would you Pay $20,000 for a business.

Last Update: September 04, 2020

Would you be willing to invest $20,000 into a business that you have started from scratch.

Better yet, would you be willing to work hard most days of the week to maintain your cash flow?

Would you continue with that business even though your body is struggling and you are suffering constant pain?

Well my wife and I did just that.

Sometimes it annoys me when I read comments from people just starting at WA that ask..

1). When will I start earning money?

2). I can't afford to pay that much each month.

3). I give up!

4). How do I cancel my subscription?

Is it the 'I want it easy attitude'.

Or the

I want to get rich quick, without too much effort' attitude.

Our offline business cost us over $20,000 to set up.

We had to work hard to keep it profitable, and every year there were ongoing costs involved. Costs such as fuel, machinery replacement, office equipment and expenses, insurances, vehicle services, registrations etc.

Do you get the Gist yet ?

The day to day running costs of most offline, or physical, businesses are high. We were fortunate in that we could run our business from home. Other business owners have huge rents to pay as well.

Our business kept us employed and made us a modest income.

But was the effort worth it?

Of Course it was .

We survived.. We lived... We paid our debts .

There's no way we would have survived without it.

So, what am I on about?

Its simple really.

Suddenly the opportunity comes up to start an online business for $49 a month. Even less if you pay yearly.

You heard correctly.

Wealthy Affiliate Costs

A lousy $49 a month.


You even get an education thrown in.

Sure, there may be a few other minor costs on the way. But nothing like the thousands we had to pay for our offline business.

yes, there are a few other costs involved.

my office expenses for one.

Plus I have upgraded in a few areas, including themes

But these aren't mandatory costs. You can be successful without them. My upgrades are basically to make life easier, and more enjoyable, for me.

Do you understand what I'm getting at?

I don't know of any other business you can start that is so cheap and provides you with so much satisfaction.

I don't know any other business that provides you with so many tools to do your job.

I don't know of any other business that gives you so many opportunities. You can build 10 websites for the $49, not one.

I don't know any other business where you can make so many new friends everyday.

I dont know any other business that costs so little to run

I don't know of any other business that provides so much training

Do you run an offline business?

Do you believe that $49 a month is cheap?

Guess what?

Its even cheaper if you pay a yearly fee.

The rewards may not be immediate but, if you work at it continually, they will come.

All the Best. Jim

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RickHan Premium
Excellant post and very well said. I agree 100%. The startup costs of offline business are staggering and then there is the costs tokeep the doors open each month. Not many can manage that especially today and without the wealth of resources WA offers. This is definitely the place to hang your hat and buckle down and get to it. Thanks for the reminder.
JKulk1 Premium
Thank you Rick.
EdwinBernard Premium

You make a powerful point. I published a post today where I tell my readers not to get involved with Affiliate Marketing because they will fail. Why waste their time?

I was using reverse psychology. It actually promoted Affiliate Marketing by staying 10 reasons why people fail and 10 reasons why people succeed.

Sadly less than 20% succeed and I challenged them to be one of the 20% only if they were going to commit themselves to treating this as a real business and not a hobby.

All the best to you Jim.

JKulk1 Premium
Thank you Edwin. It's an unfortunate fact that a great percentage of people will fail in any endeavour they undertake..
But I know that you and I will be winners Edwin. Jim
AlexEvans Premium
One of the biggest issues with the industry, that we are involved in is that the sales pitches create elevated expectations.

That new folks can not possibly meet. Given some of the bios I have read of late WA is the last chance saloon.

So 49 or a million dollars its all a bridge too far.

The blessing is that we can come here learn, grow an online presence and earn.

Business online or offline has costs and risks involved.

The beauty, of WA is that we can build from the ground up.

Building confidence in our abilities and investing in ourselves can be the key that opens the doors in the corridors of our dreams.

We have so many opportunities here on WA, the beauty happens when the big brothers and sisters show the little-uns what is possible.

So true Jim offline business can be challenging, given our current global situation the pressures are ramping up. Navigating the next 12 months Will be very challenging.

All the best for your offline and online endeavors.
JKulk1 Premium
Thank you Alex.
michelemarie Premium
Thanks Jim,
Yes we do tend to ‘bitch’ about so much and everything you have stated is true.
Why do we expect instant success when we go online to try to earn an income!.?
I believe possibly, it’s because there has been so much hype from so many, over many, many years.
The shysters, the frauds, the whatever’s, with the shiny expensive cars and big houses, that really just look like props to the savvy ones.
It’s the make believe people that encourage some to believe, that it’s all instant success and money.

So, the education of WA can change all of these misconceptions!
And with learning and diligence and time there will be the desired success !
JKulk1 Premium
I totally agree.
Loutech Premium
I agree with your words also. The one thing I may point out is that we have been conditioned to instant everything. I mean like fast foods, fast cars, fast dating, fast internet, etc. The hype that some people show, you have cited in your remarks is also beginning to hurt people that are sincere to come into the business, and it falls to us to correct these misconceptions, as we show others the reality of it.
anusuya1 Premium
Here is a different perspective.
The monthly subscription is sometimes an yearly household grocery expense in India and in other parts of the world. It doesn’t come that easy for the lot of people.
You have to have a sustainable income to pay the dues, let alone be the upgrades.
Everything is good here but money to pay can be a bottle neck every month unless you are earning enough to support your family and are left with some disposable income to invest in online business.
JKulk1 Premium
I understand that. I was brought up in rather large immigrant family that came to this country with nothing.

This post isn't about that, it's about people that whinge about the cost because they want instant success for little effort.

I would be the first person to help someone who is in genuine need.
Loutech Premium
I understand your dilemma, I was brought up poor and am currently unemployed so yes it is hard. However, if we believe in ourself enough to sacrifice and make an investment in our future, then we alter our mindset to create our new future in doing the training, and continuing to learn and practice what we are learning with our eyes on the future to building a successful business. Nothing is built without some sacrifices and hard work. I really hope this useful for you.