It's a take a Break and Walk Away Kinda day

Last Update: September 29, 2016

It's cold(er) and rainy.

I have been working on my site since 6 am this morning (eastern time) trying to speed up load times. I have followed numerous in depth trainings here as well as other sources on ways to get my speed faster. My site has crashed 3 times. I have gone from as low as 2 plugins to as high as 12 plugins installed at once.

Nothing is working. To top it off I am testing speeds at both Pingdom and GTMetrix and getting drastically different reports. Like 15 second difference reports. Both list similar issues as far as what is slowing things down.

Needless to say I have had enough. One of a very select few days here at WA that I wish I hadn't even logged in. No fault of the community of course, you all still rock. Shutting down for the day.



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JudeP Premium
It will all look different tomorrow - good luck with it :)
AnthonyMLM Premium
Yes sometime you just need to walk way, and tackle it with a fresh mind. Good luck my friend