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Last Update: March 25, 2016

It gives me immense pleasure to imagine the life financially free. Financial Freedom does not mean you have enough money. Financial Freedom I mean to say you should be able to give time for yourself, inner happiness, spiritual and emotional strength, and friendship.

Doing online marketing, i want to live life on my own terms. I want to spend more and more time with my family and friends. I want to set my own working hours.

Is is possible after getting success in online marketing here at wa?

How you life has changed after getting success in online marketing business?

Please do share your experience it will be great inspiration for the new comers like me.


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Hi Jayesh bhai,

Hope you are fine, I am new here , can you please explain me how to start and earn?
jkhatri Premium

I am also new here. I upgraded to premium on 12th March, 16.
You have to take training for affiliate marketing. They are teaching step by step how to build a website, content writing, how to find profitable niche. Even if you don't understand you can ask question here. Experts in the field will answer your question.

I wish you all the best in your new project.
Krissy1976 Premium
I really love your positive outlook! Keep it up and Best wishes! Your going to do awesome!
Sheila50 Premium
Slowly getting there, but I will let you know it is hard work and being persistent is a must!
Do no expect it to happen overnight or in the first few months because good things take time.
You will get there before you know it and enjoy the journey! You can help others get there along the way too!
jkhatri Premium
Yes you are right.

If you work hard with positive mind set success is yours.
GiuliaB Premium
Not quite there j, as only at the first hurdles now. But that's exactly my aspiration. So well done, and let us know how you get on in the future :)
jkhatri Premium
We need to ask someone who is successfully doing full time online marketing.
chuka Premium
Success or financial freedom means different things to different people however, I do agree with your analysis here.

With regard to your question, everything is possible with the right mindset. Believe in yourself and work hard. You will definitely make it. Much success to you.

Chuka :-)