New success for 2018

Last Update: January 29, 2018

I did a lot of research for keywords and
added a new blog post to my website and it has payed off. As of today I
have gotten 15 new members to sign up using my link in the new blog post
in the last 3 days and have also had 2 people buy using my Amazon
affiliate link. Can anyone tell me what is the average conversion rate
for people to stay and go premium after they have signed up here??
Thanks to everyone that have helped me by answering questions and
posting motivation blog post.

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CowboyJames Premium
Great job. Thanks for sharing.
MKearns Premium
Nathaniel's post appears to give spot on excellent information!
jimnkaran Premium
Thank you Mike, I read that and it does give great advice. You are also one of the people that I follow because you are always giving good advice.
MKearns Premium
Thank you James!
JeannineC Premium
Those rates vary extensively, so it's great that you found a keyword which is working out so well for you. Be proud, and keep up the good work.