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Last Update: August 19, 2017

When I signed up for the Amazon Affiliate program they said I would be reviewed in 180 days after if I made 3 referral sales. Today, after 11 days I got an email from Amazon telling me that after a review of my site I have been approved for the Affiliate program. I am doing all I can to build my site up to make it a profitable venture. Have not made much from any affiliates but proud that in less than 2 weeks we have had some referral sales to 2 of our affiliate sites. Anyone that tries to tell you that this affiliate marketing is a scam just doesn't have a clue what they are talking about.

I wish I knew someone that lived close to me that was experienced in this. It would be so much easier with 2 people working together on this if one of them was experienced. The closest thing to that is all of the wonderful people here at WA. I knew nothing at all about this internet web site building and now I own a web site. And I know that someday in the not to distant future I will be making the money that a lot of the experienced people on here make, all thanks to WA. Thank you Kyle and Carson for starting this adventure for all of us.

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giftyafd Premium
Congratulations! Keep the momentum!
PatrickM1 Premium
Excellent post. Thanks for the encouraging update.
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MKearns Premium
I love to hear AZ success stories!
pablocortina Premium
Congratulations. Keep up the good work