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Last Update: October 22, 2016

With a recession looming over most large corporations, it's not impossible for folks to lose heart about finding new career choices or setting up their own businesses, especially online. More and more businesses cannot keep up with the monetary turmoil and are closing without ever getting their income rolling. But the emergence of the internet and ingenuity of the people opened the way to a new broader employment opportunity that benefits entrepreneurs. Businesses have taken a new light- virtual assistance or commonly known online as VA's.

Virtual Assistance might sound a little too technical for folks who are not aware of the nature of this job. Virtual Assistance is a term used to refer to services delivered online to companies who hired those to fulfill certain duties such as article writing, video editing and article submission, creative writing and other secretarial and/or management jobs. A VA who offers virtual elderly health care at home is also an entrepreneur for the reason that they dictate their own pay rates, how they will work and is in charge of their dues like income taxes and other health and social benefits. The VA will provide the service via the internet, cell phone, fax, and other electronic communicating options such as Apple FaceTime or Skype.

There are many reasons as to why most companies and flourishing businesses hire a VA. First of all, many struggling company owners nowadays have to minimize operational costs. With the dwindling economy, business owners know the importance of cutting down on all costs even if it means sacrificing manpower. The thriving online marketing industry has opened new doors both to businessmen and staff alike. The cost of hiring a Virtual Assistant is far more affordable than when hiring a proper office worker. Since your hired assistant works online, you don't have to worry about setting up space for them. Their supplies are no longer a business expense, and most importantly, no training is required. All the products required to get an assistant moving is not shouldered by the company. They only have to pay for their skills, time and output. Seriously cost effective!

A VA can do what a local employee specializes in. If you wanted someone who is experienced in banking and funding, you can hire someone who can do that.

Third, business owners do not have to worry too much about the benefits they should provide for their employees. Virtual Assistants are independent contractors. They operate on their own and it's their duty to pay their own insurances, benefits, and taxes.

The fourth reason why more and more companies are hiring VA's is the fact that it allows them to convey more time to spend on more productive business-related activities. Business owners and VA's work mutually. This kind of means, their employers count heavily on their components and the quality of their work. Relatively, VA's know that they cannot risk having their working relationship terminated by way of a workplace, in return, they make sure their tasks are top quality for their clients. As a result, every duty is done with utmost commitment. Quality is the name of the game.

Factors to consider when hiring a virtual assistant:

When looking for a VA you may want to consider the following factors to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Devoid of rapport between two companies, miscommunication will always come up. Good working personality is a plus. The clash between two opposite personalities is inevitable even when the two are working virtually but if a VA wants the work they will be much easier to get along with as my past experience has proven to me.

Your Va should be respectful and professional. Professionalism and reliability are evident when they are prompt in giving an answer to your emails and telephone calls. In addition they are quick on changes on projects you have gone over together.

Competence. They must be able to identify clerical problems and grammatical lapses in their secretarial and management duties.

Above all learning to trust someone that you can't hover over is a new experience for most employers. VA's have proven themselves in our new digital age. So, if you haven't tried outsourcing any of your "Busy Work", give a VA a try. It's entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs.

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Great article! And, hey, there's an idea..... someone could build a "VA for Hire" website where VA'ers go to sign up and promote themselves and online marketers/entrepreneurs to go find one. Just like Upwork or Guru, but exclusive to VAs. Someone should get on that. :-)
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Thanks PJ, I totally agree. That business is booming!