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September 30, 2015
So I've not been very active here at WA over the past couple of months - I keep checking messages and replying but haven't really done much with my website. I'm wearing a few too many hats these days, but hopefully that will change in the next few months or so and I can start to focus on it again.I noticed something strange though - yesterday my ranking was 490 and today I'm 120!! How on earth did that happen???
August 05, 2015
This isn't so much of a blog, more of a big massive thank you to everyone here at WA who's helped me out recently. I've been having issues with visual editor among other things and have been tearing my hair out!I've learned, through all of you lovely helpful people, how to clear my cache, flush my DNS (ouch!) and many more things that the problems with my site threw up.So, a problem turned into a massive learning curve, and for that I'm grateful.Thank goodness for problems eh!Massive appreciati
July 22, 2015
So I'm wondering......I get lots of spam comments on my website - this morning there were 46. Most of them relate to some other site that has absolutely nothing to do with me and I still don't know how they end up in my spam queue.Some of them however, could relate in a non-specific way - the ones that say "yay great site, loved your blog and will forward this to my friend" - that type of thing.So my thoughts are, is it unethical to change these posts slightly (correct the spelling), remove the
I've just discovered a fantastic tool to create professional original images to use on Facebook profiles, posts, marketing etc. I created the attached in just over 5 minutes (hope the attachment comes out in this post!). In this one I used my own photos - you can upload any of your own to use.It's - hours of endless fun, and it's free :)So good I had to share it :)
April 24, 2015
Morning all. Yesterday I wrote my first page on building a free website - I'm currently working in the Bootcamp and the site is still very basic. As usual, I shared it on Facebook; both on my personal page and my Juicing World page. I also shared it within the Juicing World G+ circles but instead of selecting "share with followers", I shared it with "communities". I'm a member of a juicing community which has over 6000 members. My post went something like "since I've built my own website on ju
April 02, 2015
Having spent this morning making lovely new friends here at WA, I caught myself red-handed in the act of becoming distracted. Ironically, this was after I’d said hello to a new member (hi Baldy Kev!) and advised him to stay focused. This led me to think about how easy it is to veer off course. When I first started off on this wonderfully exciting course (and I can’t believe it’s only been 2 months), I worked my little fingers to the bone day in and day out. I couldn't wait to get up
March 17, 2015
Having spent the last 7 weeks working every spare hour on my website, I seem to have hit a bit of a wall and just can’t seem to get going at the moment. Maybe my brain has been overloaded and is forcing a break on me. Perhaps the most important thing is to cut myself a bit of slack and not beat myself up about the lack of motivation (and to stop using metaphors!). It’s peculiar because I know which posts I need to be writing and which pages to improve, but just can’t get my act together
March 10, 2015
Whoop Whoop - just made my first money through Google Adsense. A whopping 21p. Just off to book my Caribbean cruise........ :)
March 09, 2015
Sunday 8th March – 4pm My chores are all done. Dog walked, clothes ironed, house cleaned, supper prepared. At long last I get my 2 hour window to work on my website. Yay! My mind has been buzzing with ideas all day and I can’t wait to get started. I open my emails – 32 from Wealthy Affiliate ……”a new question”….”a new blog post”….”xxx is now following you”…… Well, it’d be rude not to read them wouldn’t it? I open the first one……read the blog……visit
March 03, 2015
Hi everyone. So far I've been ploughing on through the course and thoroughly enjoying myself. I've been putting up posts and updating my site on an almost daily basis. However, I've just hit a wall. I applied to join an affiliate network programme and have been declined due to "content duplication". When I did a check on my site using it threw up a very detailed report and said my duplicate content was around 65%. When I looked into it further, it seems that the words "juici