Information Overload! Coping With Your Education

Last Update: January 22, 2019

So Much Information, So Little Time!

I wonder how many people start the online journey and explode from all the information?

It can be so tempting and easy to pull yourself in six dozen different directions and never achieve a single goal. Even with an action plan and an outline, it can be very easy to get sidetracked and lose yourself in a "Shine Object" mindset.

Staying focused on a single goal and seeing it all the to the end is quite an achievement, but how can we do it when there are ten thousand different things going on at the same time?

Focus and discipline are the keys to success, pick one goal and follow it to completion.

For a beginner it is so very important to really think about how you want to proceed, make an action plan and follow it. A common mistake is picking the wrong field to start with or trying to do work that is outside of your area of expertise. You can move in new directions but don't get lost!

Information Overload

When we start something new we consume as much information as possible, because we have been told over and over that we need to be an expert to succeed. This is not 100% true. The most import thing is just to start. Start and do something, anything, and you are ahead of 80% of your peers.

Stop consuming and start learning. Take things one step at a time, slow down, and act on each lesson. If we spend all of our time consuming information, we are not taking action. We defeat ourselves by consuming too much and getting lost in the information. Stop. Focus.

Get Schwifty

What is your day job? Can you use what you know from your life experience to help you make the move online? Absolutely! One of the easiest ways to find a profitable program that fits your current experience is to use Google search. Think about the problems that you faced daily with your day job and build a business around solving those problems. Since you have real world experience in that field you can speak directly to those individuals.

I have learned a lot in the Wealthy Affiliate training area, but I let it distract me from what has actually made me sells. I have spent time building a website promoting WA because I will be going to Vegas by 2020, but I need to get back to using what I have learned here to sell my designs on all the various print-on-demand sites. Good luck and stay Swchifty.

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