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January 23, 2019
Discovering a new avenue is so exciting and your new direction can come from the most unlikely source. A lot of us miss out on opportunities because we can see the forest for the trees. When we find a problem and let's face it, we have a crap ton of problems. We should tackle it with a fresh outlook. We can be given opportunities from the most surprising sources and we should always be on the lookout for opportunities."In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's the
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So Much Information, So Little Time!I wonder how many people start the online journey and explode from all the information? It can be so tempting and easy to pull yourself in six dozen different directions and never achieve a single goal. Even with an action plan and an outline, it can be very easy to get sidetracked and lose yourself in a "Shine Object" mindset.Staying focused on a single goal and seeing it all the to the end is quite an achievement, but how can we do it when there are ten tho
December 18, 2018
I just want to drop in and say I am bursting with excitement! I made my first sale and it's my product! I will triple my efforts now that I know I can do this!This sale is from a Teespring store that I setup 6 months ago and just revisited with the education I received from WA. Thank you all for the support!Let's get this snowball rolling!