What can you do with WA?

Last Update: January 22, 2018

I have been with WA for a while now...

When I stated I new nothing about building a business online, I mean nothing.

Now I am writing this blog from a balcony at a hotel in Florida.

I know some may say... big deal... your at a hotel in Florida.

Well... now hold on

I think I forget to mention we are staying in Florida for an entire month. All from the income that I learned how to generate from Wealthy Affiliate.

Its amazing how far I have come since starting. I used to work 60 hours a week driving a forklift in an old dusty warehouse.

To now me, my wife and 3 kids are hanging on a beach till the end of the week and then headed over to Orlando for 10 more days, going to Disney.

All the while I am still making money, getting to sleep in till 10:30 and just living my life.

Its awesome...

and with a little hard work and dedication you guys can have the freedom to work and travel when and where you want.

Well its off to go swimming at the indoor pool the three little ones are getting anxious.

Until next time

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AlanJE Premium Plus
That´s a real testimonial to the power of WA learning, Mike, Best Alan
LouisaB Premium
WoW! You earned and deserve it. Enjoy your life!

Louisa B
Lapuyb Premium
waou that sounds fantastic, congrats
Mkflynn71 Premium
I think your refurbished classes are awesome there’s a lot a little things I didn’t know
gardenguy Premium
Well said Mike. Perfect timing for anyone new, just getting started.