How to make money from your WA community credits: My $2.00 earnings

Last Update: December 17, 2018

Want to know a secret on how to make money from your WA community credits?

Did you know that besides making money from the Sitecomments platform through commenting, that you can actually make money with your community credits? In fact, I made about $2.00 doing this. Well, $1.97 if your really that incremental about it. The point is you can make money.

In the Wealthy Affiliate platform, community credits do not carry any cash value directly. At least not the way you think they do. But by doing what I will mention below over time, your community credits will slowly start to carry cash value.

How do you do this? GOOGLE ADSENSE my friend.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertising network that allows bloggers and YouTube creators make money from either their blog or their YouTube channels. It is owned and operated by Google. Go figure...

How does Adsense Work?

Google Adsense allows you to get paid in two ways. Cost Per Click and Cost Per 1000 Impressions.

Whenever you get visitors on your website, if they get ads shown to them from google, even if they dont click the ad, you will still get paid because they will pay you based on the amount of times an ad is shown (CPM). In the event that an ad is clicked (CPC), you will get paid anywhere from $.10 up to even a dollar.

Where sitecomments and your Community credits play a part

So I have been talking about how to make money from the Adsense program, I forgot to mention how your WA community credits play a part. When using the site comments or site feedback platform, it usually requires that you use community credits. When you request for either one, the visitor fulfilling the request has to visit your website. If they just have an ad shown to them, you will get paid. If they click the ad, which is an even better scenario, you also get paid. You can’t lose either way. Now will 5 comment requests make you a lot of money? Probably not. However, imagine accumulating these requests over a period of time. Eventually, if you keep requesting comments, you will eventually get paid by google and it will add up over time.

Who should definitely do this?

For beginners who are just starting out or for people who are currently having difficulty making money after a couple of months, I highly suggest you try this strategy out. If you have also built a website that is getting organic traffic but no affiliate sales, this also is a good way to make sure your efforts are not in vain.

Does this actually work?

I have actually been using the site comments platform more recently and I have earned almost $2.00 in Adsense commissions from just 3 clicks. The last click actually earned me $1.50 as my prior balance was $0.48 beforehand. So it does vary like I mentioned. You can feel free to take a look above.

Have you guys been implementing this strategy?

If you haven’t implemented this strategy, I highly recommend you try it out. You will never know unless you do. After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

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accad Premium
I did not realize that connection of the Adsense and the WA Community Comments and I never thought ads to my website being shown to anyone makes me money. I thought the ads should be clicked only.
Yes it is very great sure loved it
Vickic3 Premium
Yes, it sure is great
JessiePalay1 Premium
definitely does, I made the mistake of not doing this when i first started